Dreampark Returns With New Single ‘Cherry On Top’

Bringing back the nostalgic feel-good alt-pop sounds, Dreampark return with their new track ‘Cherry on top’. Taking inspiration from the likes of MGMT, Tame Impala, and Kate Bush, Dreampark combine modern style with a heavy dose of 70’s and 80’s pop.

“The Liverpool-hailed band draw us to a dreamy world filled with psychedelic rhythms and soothing vocals”- Wonderland Magazine

The Single ‘Cherry on Top’ is a song about first times. With an uplifting summer atmosphere and a catchy chorus, Dreampark try to describe that elusive feeling right before you jump, the excitement of going to the next level and the urge to conquer the peak and put the cherry on top. It’s a youthful summer romance with a cynical twist.


Dreampark is a nostalgic-pop duo, based in Liverpool. Members Carmel Faraggi (vocals and keys) and Daniel Barer (backing vocals, guitar), formed the band in early 2018, right after they had left everything behind and moved to London to follow their dream together.Dreampark’s music is a combination of retro aesthetics and fresh sound, somewhere between bedroom vibes and cinematic approach, between old-school psychedelia and a warm soulful feel.

Deeply inspired by the old days (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) and naturally drawn to the dreamy world of psychedelia, the duo started to create and define their sound and style, experimenting with dreamy synths and twisted, yet often catchy melodies. They came up with the idea of nostalgic-pop, which is all about the burst of nostalgia, mixing different elements, old and new, to create an instant memory.

Their first EP, “Summer Storm ” (2019), was recorded and fully produced in their east London bedroom, then magically teleported to Yoad Nevo of Nevo studious who has worked with Sia, Brian Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, and others, for a final shiny touch of mix&mastering.

The new EP “Gold Rush” was recorded at the legendary Abby Road studios, The EP will be released single by single. The first single “My Medal” , and the groovy “Time Machine” are already out and received rave reviews in Wonderland Magazine, BBC
Merseyside, Boyfriend Magazine, and many more.


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