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Curt ChambersReleases Moving Video for Single “Say My Name”

Grammy-Nominated Country Artist Curt Chambers Releases Music Video For New Single “Say My Name,”.

Curt Chambers’ music video for his newest single “Say My Name,” will cut deep as you recount all the memories, good and bad, you’ve had with your mother throughout your life. This touching song speaks about how Curt has reflected on his childhood filled with mischief, and how he recalls the irritated tone of his mom saying his full name. The simple instrumental of his smooth melodious voice paired with an acoustic guitar allows his message to be heard: that he aims to change the way his mom says his name in a proud and positive light. 

We get to see his message come to life as the video flashes between Curt as a squirrely child, to him now with a guitar in hand. The flashbacks of him as a kid hitting everything with drumsticks and running around by the playground not only allows us to see this childhood craziness, but is a reminder for all the times we too have been in those situations. The glimpses of his mother reprimanding him are extremely relatable and recall the want to better ourselves and the relationships around us as we grow and become wiser with time; especially the relationship with our mother. Curt Chambers’ “Say My Name” is the perfect song as it isn’t only just a tribute to his mom, but is a story of becoming a better person through a mother’s love. 

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