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Bluenose B – ‘Another Place’

Lyric orientated Indie-Rock artist Bluenose B is due to release their heartfelt single ‘Another Place’ on Friday 11th of December. Founded in the 80’s by songwriter Stephen Lawson, Bluenose B have gone through various line-up changes and styles over the years leading. Throughout that time Bluenose B have seen support from the likes of NME, Liverpool Echo, BBC Radio 1 (John Peel and Janice Long) to name a few. 

‘Another Place’ is a homage to Stephen’s mum who was tragically diagnosed with a terminal illness. During this time Stephen and his siblings worked together to ensure she could be at home. It so happens that his mum lived close to the art installation ‘Another Place’ by renowned sculpture Antony Gormley (Angel of the North). The installation is 100 metal statues cast from Antony’s body and spaced across a mile of Crosby beach. It was this installation what Stephen saw regularly while tending to his mother that became the inspiration and name sake of the track. 

Stephen says “Although it can be an eerie sight, when the light is right and the sun’s beams break the clouds it gave me hope that one day me and my family could meet in another place.”  

The music behind the track frames the subject matter beautifully with its weeping lead guitar courtesy of John Kettle (Merry Hell) and soaring vocal harmonies paired with the emotive lyrical content that brings a sense of sorrow mixed with hopeful optimism throughout the track.  The video for the song reflects this, featuring the metal statues of ‘Another Place’  time lapsed facing the sea which gives the effect of stillness and tranquility while also showing that life continues on. 

Influenced by the likes of Red Rum Club, Glass Animals, Talking Heads and David Bowie. ‘Another Place’ will be the lead single of Bluenose B’s upcoming  album ‘Harrowby Road. At the same time, Bluenose B are working on two songs with ‘Red Rum Club’s’ Tom Williams for a future release. Follow Bluenose B’s socials for the latest updates.

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