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Acropolis Blues – City

Filipino alternative Pop-Rock artist JC Gurango aka Acropolis Blues is due to release his new single ‘City’ on Thursday 17th December 2020 following on from his successful debut album ‘The Marketplace’ in 2018. The track is written by JC himself and slickly produced by the talented Patrick Keyz aka KeyzMusic (Smooky MarGielaa, GeeYou)  with mixing and mastering duties from  Dante Tanedo (Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Angeline Quinto). 

Acropolis Blues says ‘’The song’s about my struggle to fit in in my home country… I’ve always felt like a stranger… ‘City’ is about that feeling of being lost while the world around you seems to just keep going on and nobody cares. Specifically, it focuses on my personal struggle through that. 

The track explores the idea of being ostracized and looking for acceptance. This theme is especially prevalent in The Philippines now, as city communities continue to be pulled apart by long working hours, class inequality, overcrowding, plus air and noise pollution. Acropolis Blues aims to capture this from his own unique perspective, giving us an insight of his uphill battle to fit in throughout the hustle and bustle of his city and his disillusionment with not just the city but the way it drives people further away from human connections.

Against this setting, ‘City’ is set to a warm downtempo acoustic guitar backed by Acropolis Blues’ Pop-Punk vocals, which leaves the listener in a melancholic reflective state. His use of a drum machine halfway through the track drives the song forward and provides the base for his emotive vocals to shine.

Acropolis Blues draws from his own experiences, hailing from Quezon City, specifically the subdivision of  Acropolis where the inspiration for his performance name came from. Having had an unorthodox upbringing compared to the large majority of the urban population and predominantly working with foreign clients as a software developer, Acropolis Blues gives us an insight of his own particular perception of the city that he calls home. 

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