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New Album: Blak Emoji – Eclectro | MP3

NYC band Blak Emoji new album Eclectro have finally unleashed their fantastic new album, Eclectro. Produced by Blak Emoji frontman, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey Warren, the 12-track collection is their most impressive and expansive release to date.

The album’s title stems from the sound and style that can be heard throughout the project. Coining their own genre, the band have dubbed the album’s sound as “eclectro” due to its all-encompassing electronic sound. “‘Eclectro’ pretty much sums up Blak Emoji’s music to a tee, especially the new album”, says Kelsey Warren. “It’s predominantly electronic based but also harmoniously blends pop, R&B, alternative, experimental and even folk.

“Sometimes electronic music gets pigeonholed into only two or three categories like dance/EDM, chill or experimental. I try to expand electronic music beyond expected categories as much as possible. I just make an effort to do it in an eclectic way, but it’s not forced. Expect many programs, bleeps, blips, beats and synths mixed with electric/acoustic guitars, piano and strings.”


The project also includes new single “Quiver”, a stomping experimental electronic track that is sure to turn heads. Elaborating further, Kelsey says, “I wanted a song that could embody sexual bravado in the lyrics and drive it with a sound that spliced together a Depeche Mode/NIN mood with a hip-hop vibe. It’s the sex appeal introduction to the album.” With live shows now underway and new visuals also in the works, expect to see and hear plenty more from the band over the coming months too.

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