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YOUANDI Shares Stunning New Album ‘isaidtome’

YOUANDI Shares Stunning New Album ‘isaidtome’: Amsterdam-based artist YOUANDI has unveiled her stunning new album titled “isaidtome,” a masterful collection of heartfelt songwriting and captivating soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from R&B, Neo-Soul, and Trip-hop, YOUANDI weaves together a tapestry of sonic textures that transcend boundaries and leave listeners mesmerized.

Having grown up in the Netherlands, YOUANDI’s music is deeply influenced by her diverse heritage spanning South America and Europe. This amalgamation of cultures, sounds, and influences enriches her artistry, resulting in a soulful and captivating musical experience.

The album serves as a vibrant yet subtly profound display of YOUANDI’s playful yet thoughtful and emotive musicality. With an experimental and cinematic approach to R&B, each track showcases her ability to create an otherworldly ambiance. The enchanting combination of swelling synths and bass-heavy undertones provides a dynamic backdrop for her velvety vocals to effortlessly glide across the 10 mesmerizing songs.

Leading the album is the captivating track “Easy,” which exemplifies the overall sound and beauty of the record. It effortlessly blends rhythmic beats, ethereal electronic elements, and delicate guitar melodies, all complemented by YOUANDI’s silky and emotive vocal delivery. Additionally, the track features a guest performance from A2, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue to the composition.

YOUANDI Shares Stunning New Album 'isaidtome'

Speaking about the album, YOUANDI shares: “Imagine stepping into my mind through this album. It’s a journey into the conversations and perspectives that exist within my own consciousness. It’s a meeting point between my ego and the depths of my unconscious mind, where inspiration and insight collide. At times, I find myself grappling with the wisdom and messages I missed, making life harder for myself. Yet, the music I’ve written has become a source of crazy beautiful teachings. Although also confusing sometimes since they make me question myself and the nature of things in spirals sometimes but all questions contain great purpose. The producers created a home for me to live out these convo’s in the most pure and honest way and since it’s a process of subtlety they’ve done an incredibly great job in doing so. The tones and sounds they crafted awakened a symphony of thoughts and voices within me, eager to be heard, eager to be felt.”

Since her debut in 2018 with Dutch producer Chalé, YOUANDI has released multiple singles, building up to the highly anticipated release of her debut album. Having gained tastemaker press support form the likes of Earmilk and Music News, the dutch solo artist 

YOUANDI Shares Stunning New Album ‘isaidtome’

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