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WRYT Shares New Emotive Single ‘Fierce’

Following the success of previous release ‘Risk & Fear’, alternative artist WRYT is releasing his second offering of 2022, the emotionally-charged power-ballad, ‘Fierce’

‘Fierce’ features WRYT’s trademark grunge-inspired guitars and rock sensibilities, coupled with his familiar grounding in social consciousness and real-world experiences. The track, along with the next single ‘Charlatan’, were all written, recorded, and produced by WRYT during quarantine. 

He channeled his difficult experiences with mental health challenges during the pandemic into a creative outlet, focussing specifically on the topic of loss and grief, and coming to terms with the new ‘normal’: ‘Loss is something that each of us are guaranteed to experience in life,’ WRYT says, ‘with that loss comes blinding grief that leaves a feeling of hopelessness and abandonment in the fear and mourning wrapped in our loss. There is that consistent anger and disappointment that our loved ones will not be able to experience all that life has to offer. The chorus harkens: “You could have seen the way we were,” pining at a retrospective dialogue, conveying all that occurred in life that felt incomplete. Who and what do we leave behind, and how do those left create a life that is persistently searching for the missing piece?”. ’Fierce’ isn’t as much a triumphant ballad on overcoming grief but a message that sits with the sorrow and attempts to process the new reality.’



Coming from a musical family, WRYT has been heavily influenced by those around him. His Father is a gospel artist and was a former headliner at The Cotton Club in New York City, whilst his brother is an incredible drummer who was fortunate enough to tour the world with his former metal band, which he hopes to one day do the same. WRYT’S first concert was with a rock group called ‘Audio Adrenaline’ which he has fond memories of; this also ignited his interest in performing as a career. Having battled through mental health challenges most of his adult life, music is key to his serenity and is his constant companion when the world is tough. 

Outside of music WRYT is passionate about the fight for equality and justice, he believes in protecting human life as well as our planet. He often relaxes by hiking and getting out into the woods. He lives by the statement that ‘wilderness makes you better’ so if it includes the outdoors and the possibility of getting hurt then you can count him in. 

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