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Twin gospel singers Grace Mbuyi and Rachel Kabanga share their unwavering faith in latest video ‘YANOLA’

YANOLA ‘ is the latest song by twin gospel artists, Grace Mbuyi and Rachel Kabanga from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their challenging life experiences led them to create this french speaking song as a prayer to the Lord, emphasizing their unwavering faith and perseverance.

Delivering a steady rhythm alongside gorgeous melodies and harmonies, the track is designed to stir the spirit of those who have understood struggle and are looking for solace and strength. The video follows the pair as they fill up various scenes and sets with their soulful performances, elevating the sentiments in the song. ‘YANOLA‘ marks yet another powerful release from these African artists, out now for all to enjoy. 

Gospel artists Grace Mbuyi and Rachel Kabanga began their musical journey at the age of 10 and have been dedicated to serving the Lord from their home in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They became part of the Pillar of Fire group in 2018, led by Brother Billy Bilomba in Kinshasa and have continued to build their careers ever since. Their music aims to uplift and inspire those in need, moving listeners with their captivating harmonies and sincere lyricism. With nothing but pure intentions and talent, it’s clear that the pair are on their way to an abundance of recognition and support.


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