Nescy J – Overdue

NESCY J is an English singer-songwriter from Birmingham. Documenting life, relationships and all matters of the heart, the artist now prepares to unveil her debut release ‘OVERDUE’. The R&B inflected pop offering flaunts an emotive vocal line that is seamlessly complimented with a gentle yet impactful beat. The ebb and flow of the track reflects the internal battle that the story of the track tells. NESCY J shares more about the meaning behind ‘OVERDUE’:

“OVERDUE is about two people in love but is love always enough though? If they stay together are they just delaying the heartbreak? They both want things to work out but the break up is overdue.” 

The inception of ‘OVERDUE’ began once NESCY J began working with DM Unsigned founder Darren Martyn. Through his passion for songwriting and his gifted direction, they created ‘OVERDUE’ and it spurred NESCY J on to pursue her career in music. 

Lockdown gave NESCY J the time to  focus and realise that her love of singing and passion to communicate her feelings through songwriting was her purpose in life. ‘OVERDUE’ marks the beginning of a very exciting musical journey for her.


Growing up in a Christian family where music was pivotal in life forged a love of singing and performing from a young age. Her mum sang in church and was a singer songwriter who gained a Gospel Entertainment Award and her late grandmother had an eclectic taste in music but Motown, Soul and Gospel were always being  played. 

Starting out as a dancer at the age of 4 yrs old and moving into performing arts at 8 yrs old gave NESCY J the training and inspiration to realise early on that she wanted to pursue a  career in the arts. Training with Leanne Hollyhead, a successful performer and educator, at The Theatre Factory gave her the opportunity to perform regularly on stage; it was evident from then that she was a natural. 

Her enthusiasm, talent and commitment led her to apply for full time training at Tring Park Performing Arts School where she gained invaluable professional training  alongside her education.  

The message NESCY J hopes to convey to her listeners with her music now is one of strength and positivity.

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