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 Jenna Isn’t Famous  – Too Romantic

LA singer/songwriter Jenna Isn’t Famous shares the impossible fight of having her head rule her heart in her new track ‘Too Romantic’. The captivating pop track uses a euphonious blend of arpeggiated chords combined with synth violins to create the feeling of yearning. This will be her first release in 2022 after she kick started her career in June of last year. As she returns Jenna Isn’t Famous is determined to inspire people through her music as well as being an advocate of self love and knowing your worth. 

Jenna Isn’t Famous on the meaning behind the track- 

‘’This song is about two people giving each other subtle hints only to cloud them up. About falling for someone but not wanting to fuck up the friendship, it’s about two people resisting their vulnerability. About trying to reason your way out of how much you truly long for this person. This is Too Romantic.’’

Growing up Jenna Isn’t Famous loved putting on a show, you would often find her performing ‘In My Own Little Corner’ from Brandy’s Cinderella in front of family and friends. She also was an avid player of the clarinet in her school band. Her love for songwriting has always been evident from the age of 9 and still to this day she has kept songs written from that time of her life. Generally if she had an idea she would often run with it until it became reality, such as making family movies with her siblings; striking her independent spirit early on. As Jenna became older and started feeling new emotions she found it hard to be outwardly vulnerable, with her pride often getting in the way, however this is something she has been really working on over the last couple of years. 


Outside of music Jenna Isn’t Famous is passionate about many things including fighting for the underdog and creating a community that believe in people over profit and justice against discrimination. She also loves boxing. It’s an outlet for her to focus on a task at hand and take control of her intrusive thoughts. She also loves to read and is very interested in astrology; she is an aquarius sun, virgo moon and a taurus rising which in her words makes her ‘a pretty organized, independent weirdo but someone who is pretty reserved when people first meet her’. 

As Jenna just begins to step onto the indie pop scene, this track is indicative of just how far she’ll go in 2022 and the years to follow.

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