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Tony Shades Returns With “Nightmare Fuel”

Fast-rising electronic DJ/producer Tony Shades has returned with his anthemic new single, “Nightmare Fuel”. Starting with a subtle hypnotic electronic beat that slowly builds throughout, the six-minute track features vocalist Jessie Westreich and will no doubt have listeners transfixed as it reaches its atmospheric climax. The track builds on Tony Shades’ growing momentum in the electronic scene following previous successes “Go Gaga” and “Far From Home”.

Speaking further on the new release, Tony Shades says, “‘Nightmare Fuel’ is about the place the mind can sometimes end in when struggling to achieve your goals or find your best self. It’s about the feeling of knowing those emotions always inevitably come to the surface at some stage in one’s journey.

Nightmare Fuel

Born and raised in Switzerland, and originating from a drums and cello-playing background, Tony Shades actually never expected to become an electronic DJ. In fact, he wanted to be a hip-hop artist and studied live sound engineering and music production in Los Angeles. However, he became disillusioned with this dream when he felt that some rappers were sending negative messages to the youth. Surreptitiously in 2019, he met and immediately bonded with two electronic music producers, who showed him the ropes and fuelled his journey in the electronic scene. Having released several successful singles already, “Nightmare Fuel” is shaping up to be his biggest release yet and marks him out as one to watch.

“Nightmare Fuel” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://lnk.to/eUef2uNG.

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