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Tee Weirdo Release New Afrobeats Single ‘Vanessa’

After his highly acclaimed hit ‘Body to Body‘, Tee Weirdo returns to offer the latest of his stylish material – ‘Vanessa‘. This hypnotic single was inspired heartfelt story from his past love relationship, and brings listeners to an intimate song set in the early hours of the morning, “It’s 1 o’clock in the morning (morning) Where you dey me I no know sef (sef) I tried to call but you ignore me (ignore me) Omo this kind attitude sef (sef) he croons, expressing the confusion and longing for his partner’s presence.

The song’s infectious beats, expertly crafted by the talented Possi Gee, perfectly complement Tee Weirdo’s expressive vocals and call-and-response verses. Sensual and misty ‘Vanessa‘ marks yet another strong release from this promising young artist.

Thierry Chibuzo Dela Ikeorah, professionally known as Tee Weirdo, is a talented Nigerian/Togolese musician, singer, rapper, and songwriter who knows how to stand out in the Afrobeat scene. It’s his unique style and multilingual abilities that were able to set him apart in the music industry first, allowing him to craft a distinct sound that resonates with diverse audiences. With a growing discography of enigmatic releases that have amassed a respectable number of streams, Tee Weirdo continues to pathe his own path in the industry. To learn more about Tee Weirdo and his journey, be sure to stay updated via the links below. 

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