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Starship Gazelle Channels Sufjan Stevens On ‘Bugs’

Starship Gazelle Channels Sufjan Stevens On ‘Bugs’: Starship Gazelle, the imaginative indie folk project helmed by singer/songwriter Shar Rangreza, returns with an exquisite new offering titled “Bugs.” This latest release showcases the artist’s captivating blend of soaring melodies, introspective lyrics, and boundless creativity.

Hailing from San Francisco, Starship Gazelle delves deep into themes of nature and humanity, crafting songs that feel both rooted in the earth and exploratory in their sonic landscape. Rangreza’s songwriting paints vivid pictures, offering a unique and experimental take on the indie folk genre.

“Bugs” captivates with its charming lo-fi production and intricate compositions, allowing Rangreza’s emotive sensibilities and delicate vocal delivery to take center stage. The song embodies a Sufjan Stevens-esque essence, with a sway and whimsy that lures listeners in from the very first verse. As the track unfolds, it surprises with unexpected shifts in tempo, showcasing Shar’s enigmatic style and artistic versatility.

Starship Gazelle Channels Sufjan Stevens On 'Bugs'

Speaking about the single, Shar shares: “Bugs is about a prayer, friendship, being out in nature, believing in your sister’s good word, losing friends and feeling like you’ve been replaced, slow dancing and losing sense of time, auroras in Alaska, and pacifism. 

It was written with an acoustic guitar and a meandering melody hummed to some fingerpicked chords. Eventually the song was solidified into its current form.” 

Starship Gazelle is currently in the studio exploring new ways of expanding his sonic world. Having already endeared himself to his local scene, he is set on continuing to share his openhearted sound with an ever-increasing audience. 

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