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Bianca James Releases New Single ‘Till I Remember’

Bianca James Releases New Single ‘Till I Remember’: Following her vibrant retro-pop debut single ‘Monaco,’ Bianca James returns with ‘Till I Remember,’ a poignant ballad layered with soul-stirring backing vocals and intimate gospel piano. The song delves into the journey of finding the strength to move forward from a broken heart. Taken from her self-titled debut album set to release in the summer of 2023, this track perfectly showcases Bianca’s exquisite voice, harmoniously complemented by its simple production, warm vintage organ reminiscent of the 60s, and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with those who have struggled to navigate through the aftermath of a relationship, seeking hope on the other side.

In reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Bianca James shares, “The song came to me in a moment of aching heartbreak. It’s about the struggle between knowing in your head that something isn’t working and allowing your heart to catch up and let go.” Her candid explanation captures the emotional depth of ‘Till I Remember,’ which was meticulously produced by the JUNO Award-nominated and Platinum-certified producer Thomas McKay, both in Toronto and at The Kinks’ legendary Konk Studios in London, UK. Additionally, an understated music video, featuring Bianca as a striking figure cloaked in contemplative shadows, will be released soon.

For Bianca, music has always been a powerful conduit for transforming heartbreak and pain into strength and liberation. While not consciously writing songs about empowerment, she acknowledges the underlying theme of overcoming challenges and discovering hope in her compositions. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, she shares, “My mission is to inspire others to live their life and chase their dreams to the fullest.”

Hailing from Montreal and influenced by her Italian heritage and UK roots, Bianca James was captivated by the glamorous, carefree lifestyle of the Italian and French Riviera, as well as the vibrant rock ‘n’ roll scene in 1960s London. From an early age, she honed her voice by singing along to classic records spinning on her family’s turntable. Dreaming of living in London, journeying to Paris or the south of France, and performing with a remarkable backing band, Bianca’s vision has shaped the essence of her debut album.

Bianca’s contemporary take on a timeless, international sound weaves together elements of American and British 1960s styles, effortlessly blending Motown, soul, and modern pop influences. Unfazed by trends and staying true to her authentic voice, she focused on creating an earthy and organic sound.

‘Monaco’ and ‘Till I Remember’ offer a tantalizing glimpse into the enchanting world crafted by Bianca James, with more to come in the near future. Stay tuned as this emerging artist continues to mesmerize audiences with her heritage-infused melodies and captivating storytelling.

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