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Raquel Kiarra -Sweet Memory

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Raquel Kiaraa releases the visuals for her single “Sweet Memory,” a track that fully showcases her artistry and sophisticated style, off her debut album Defying Odds. The modern-day chanteuse is incredible in this new song, her powerful voice taking ups and downs that transmit the emotionality of the lyrics.

“I never knew how emptiness could taste,” she sings as the ashy snow falls all around.

In the music video, Raquel, who is depicted as a winged angel wearing all white, stares into her reflection, but does not recognize the face she sees. The stunning clip has a strong fantasy vibe that imbues the entire composition with a mysterious aura.

Raquel Kiaraa

The Canadian rising star released her debut album Defying Odds at the end of 2021 and has garnered almost a million streams on Spotify. The project shows the artist on top of her game. Her inspirational net spreads beyond the music industry since Raquel is also a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and coach to many athletes.

Raquel Kiaraa firmly believes that “one cannot rise without lifting others,” and every day she continues to live by her beliefs. “Sweet Memory” is a beautiful song that shows the world another part of Raquel with which one cannot help but fall in love with.

Raquel Kiaraa can be found on InstagramSpotify, and YouTube.

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