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Patrice Peris Releases New Single, “Falling”

Singer/Songwriter Patrice Peris and producer, Audiosation are back with a new single, “Falling” which will be available June 30th on all major music platforms! 

Peris gives listeners a view into her mind with emotional cuts as well as the relatability of the challenges and pressures we all encounter. She mentions,

“Falling is a true testament of what I feel lives in all of us. No one, or at least no one I know, does not deal with highs and lows in life. It is part of human nature and I have tried to find the silver lining/lesson in each downfall or moment of duress and use it as a learning point to help propel me to the next level.” 

Peris keeps a theme of resilience and staying afloat through these grueling challenges brought upon us, as Peris states, “I love taking people on a ride not only production-wise but also lyrically.” 

Get an Early Preview of “Falling” through the link below! 


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