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Cecilia Gault – As Long As It’s You Now

Pop songstress Cecilia Gault crafts evocative pop songs that make listeners feel deeply and immediately want to dance along to. Her latest release — the sonically infectious “As Long As It’s You” — is perfect proof of that.

Following the release of her pounding pop hit “Nothing” which debuted earlier this year, with “As Long As It’s You” Cecilia explores extreme pop sonics and violent accents that pair with the essence of the song.

Produced by Richard Orofino, the track exemplifies everything Cecilia is quickly becoming known for — atmospheric beats and melodic hooks juxtaposed with her captivating, unforgettable, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.


Speaking on the track, Cecilia states “The lyrics allude to passionate love and sex, being in love with someone so much they can do anything and it wouldn’t matter, longing for love that you see in movies.”

Paired with her perfectly raspy vocals, Cecilia brings a degree of vulnerability and sheer innocence to the track while also seamlessly showcasing the same power and passion that one feels when they are in love through her use of punchy pop-driven sounds and dark lyrics with her signature sense of humor.

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