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Paige Howell – BODY

With God-given prowess and tantalizing self-assurance, Paige Howell’s  single “BODY” turns pop into a playground, proving that certain post-breakup rules are made to be broken.“We broke up, but so what? I want you right now,” she asserts with matter-of-fact bravado.

Teaming up with Lincoln Parish, former guitarist for Cage the Elephant and current production juggernaut, Howell lends a merciless intensity to the track’s bodacious bass line. Written by Parish, Meghan Kabir and Maggie Chapman, “BODY” fits Paige Howell like a glove.    

The New York City native revives the iconic blonde bombshell persona, with a twist; Paige Howell is a certified badass, spending her days as a boxing and cycling instructor. It’s in Howell’s nature to stay in fighting shape, and “BODY” is the right hook we’ve all been waiting for.”This is by far my favorite song I’ve ever recorded,” Howell admits. “There’s a perfect balance between strength and sexiness, it makes me feel powerful, and I hope it makes everyone else feel the same way.” 


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