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The Nūes Releases New Single ‘Revolution’

The Nūes (‘the news’) stands for ‘never underestimate extraordinary souls.’ An inspiring and potent message, driven by quite an unbelievable backstory of hope and perseverance, has led this artist to the here and now with more motivation than ever before. Going under a previous alias, followed by more than a half-decade hiatus, this known and credible talent from Chicago has returned bearing a whole new mindset and mission to connect hearts with both existing and new audiences across the globe.

A plethora of material at the ready, he arose back on the scene in late 2019, and since then has created an aura of rawness and emotive lyricism and vocals, coupled with a burning passion for his craft and the message he aims to deliver. With the latest release and highly anticipated ‘Revolution’, the message is vivid from the get-go. A stunning video takes the track to a whole new level, while addressing the ongoing issues of racism which have been highlighted especially so in the last year since the life of George Floyd was cruelly taken. Every frame encapsulates the rawness and whole essence of the meaning behind the song. Emotional, real- life protest footage combined with a passionate, up-close-and-personal performance. His head held down and covered by a westernised hat throughout, capturing even more feeling for the oppression and violence that has been apparent all of these years throughout ongoing systemic racism.

It is quite clear he’s equipped himself with a sound that carries on for miles. Twangy guitar-riffed verses lead into his superb, swooning vocal. It’s a chilled production to begin with, but the chorus quickly enters by way of an anthemic hook, worthy of soaring through festival crowds.

Speaking truth in a way that’s powerful and simply impossible to ignore, it looks as if The Nūes is only just
getting started.

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