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Nick Leidl Releases New single “Something About Her”

With a unique story, singer/songwriter and comedian Nick Leidl releases his new single “Something About Her” 

“Something About Her” is a follow up to Leidl’s debut single “Friend Zone” which went to #20 on the Itunes Country Charts and #62 on the All Genre charts.

The song was written by Nick and produced by Bryan Kuban.  It’s a relatable tune about a girl who drives him wild even though there are so many doubts why it won’t work.  Ironically, Leidl admits the track was penned about his now ex-wife.

Nick has an interesting story.   A comedian and DJ for many years, He only started writing music in March 2020 during the covid quarantine. Since then, he’s been all in.  Penning over 50 songs and training relentlessly for hours a day working toward a 2022 tour.  Be prepared to hear a lot of new music from him in the near future.

“I feel things very heavily.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very sensitive so that really comes out in my songwriting.  My music allows me to express myself in a way that brings peace and a cathartic calm.”  

“Covid shut down the life and grind I had as a comedian in LA and allowed me the time to explore another creative talent that I always wanted to pursue – singing/songwriting,” explains Leidl.  Something clicked for me and the universe made me feel like it’s the right move.   A year ago I knew 3 chords and never sang a song in my life.  I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come. The majority of my songs are a heartfelt look at trying to figure out the second half of my life.” 

A lifelong entrepreneur Nick started his first business at 14 when he would DJ parties in Northern New Jersey. The business blew up and He was voted New Jersey Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year his senior year of college and National Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year – Runner Up. He also owned a strip club for 10 years as well as owning a Catering Hall. 

You can learn more about Nick Leidl by visiting his website www.nickleidl.com and find him on social media. 

“Something About Her” (Lyrics)

On paper she’s a nightmare No family; No career

She never seems to have a plan, Lives her life without fear.

She’s waving a big Red flag Shooting off warning signs  

All of which I have ignored, Cuz she sends shivers down my spine.

I don’t hear wedding bells or see a white picket fence…

But she’s always on my mind, it just don’t make sense…

There’s something about her

I don’t know what it is

She’s all kinds of wrong for me and I’m totally fine with it!

There’s just something about her

I don’t know what to say

She makes me take my plans and throw them all away.

She can be kinda pushy. Gotta big temper, She’s got a big smile

I can feel her slipping away, But I wish she’d stick around for a while.

Love the way her nose wiggles, when she laughs at all of her jokes

What is it about this girl? She’s got me up against the ropes

Now I hear wedding bells, I see the white picket fence…

This girl is always on my mind, now it makes perfect sense…

Disaster’s a possibility 

She’s got no stability

She’s a liability

But every time she smiles it kills me…

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