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Julia Paymer Takes Us On A ‘Therapy’ Journey

Fast rising multi-talented American songstress Julia Paymer, has released her first official single as a solo artiste.The Nashville based artist is a music student in Belmont University and she began her music career by writing songs for established Nashville artists.Julia Paymer is not new to the music business but she is definitely getting ready to make herself a personality to reckon with in the American music sphere.Julia has remained highly coveted so far and with the release of ‘Therapy’, she is definitely not letting up anytime soon.

However Julia Paymer, is vocally talented and she proved her music proficiency in this carefully curated single titled ‘Therapy’. The newly released single ‘Therapy’ is a hit in every way you look at it and Unarguably nothing short of spectacular with its haunting lyrics.What is of note and extremely commendable and emblematic of her captivating talent is that Julia Paymer is so revered at such an early stage of her music career.

listening to Therapy, for the first time one can easily draw a perfect conclusion that Julia has delivered a classy piece, one that anybody can return to tomorrow, in five years and probably in another 15 years or more.The simplicity of this song, is the perfect introduction for Julia’s debut, her voice is top notch and her poetic lyricism is set up to be the champion of the song, as it should be. “I got the shrinking she told me, that she thinks that I’m better off” – this is such a hard line.The ending feels a bit dragged on, but I like that we’re given time to contemplate on the central message that ‘Therapy’ came with.

‘Therapy‘ is a delectable project, for everyone to put on and vibe to. With similar sounds and a steady beat, the song explored break-ups and how to let go of the past in a candid way that is fresh and new.In this modern age there is so much that we are consuming, some good, some bad, some forgettable and some you’ll always want to return to; Julia has given us music that we will always want to put on repeat. In overall rating, ‘Therapy’ is a very nice song with production credit from Brandon Meagher, who gave in his best on this song.For me, Julia has become a bigger staple on my listening queue.

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