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Mr.Reaper ‘Options’ ft. Wiz Khalifa

Get ready for a seismic shakeup in the hip-hop scene as two titans, Mr.Reaper and Wiz Khalifa, join forces to drop an electrifying single, ‘Options’. Set to release on August 12, 2023, across all major digital streaming platforms, the track promises to be an instant anthem, igniting the airwaves with its infectious energy and masterful fusion of talents.

‘Options’ is a tour de force that melds the signature styles of Mr.Reaper and Wiz Khalifa in an unparalleled auditory experience. With verses that seamlessly intertwine and flows that entwine, the collaboration is set to leave a resounding mark on the genre. The track’s hard-hitting 808s, pulsating anthemic beat, and groove-infused piano hooks create an immersive sonic landscape that will undoubtedly captivate listeners from the moment they press play.

Mr.Reaper, known for his lyrical prowess and impactful storytelling, joins forces with the iconic Wiz Khalifa, whose trailblazing contributions to hip-hop have left an indelible mark. Their synergy on ‘Options’ is palpable, as they craft a track that transcends boundaries and exemplifies the very essence of hip-hop artistry.

‘Options’ arrives as a bold statement of artistic intent, demonstrating both artists’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft. With its infectious rhythm and memorable hooks, the track is poised to become a timeless addition to playlists worldwide. For those seeking a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop scene, this dynamic collaboration is a must-listen.

About Mr.Reaper

Known for his articulate, commanding, and edgy flow. Mr.Reaper continues to prove he is a force when it comes to delivering quality music. The level of creativity he brings with his music makes him not only intriguing but masterful in his own right. He brings the total package when it comes to musical composition. A storyteller as well as an empowered individual. He seeks to inspire others to reach their goals by being their best selves.  

Mr.Reaper brings a refreshing new energy to the hip-hop community. Originating from Woodbridge, Virginia, Mr.Reaper exemplifies an artist that is passionate and talented and who puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his art. Mr.Reaper is a natural talent that is ready to cement himself in the scene and in people’s hearts. Inspired by his idols BoneThugs N’ Harmony, Twista & Tech N9ne, the powerful rapper delivers an uplifting sound that will impact people worldwide.

The songwriter and rapper seeks to positively influence and uplift people facing life’s hardships. Moreover, Mr.Reaper forges a connection between the songwriter and the listener through his lyricism. Undoubtedly, a true wordsmith with a no-frills approach who gains listeners’ attention by using his pain, hardships, and knowledge to implement his creativity in a song. A real breath of fresh air in the scene, Mr.Reaper is here to leave a legacy.


‘Awaken’ & ‘Thru The Dark’ appeared on B.E.T. Jams and MTV in 2022

‘Ur Slippin Away From Me’ & ‘Thru The Dark’ charted in the Top 100 in the UK and South Africa

Mr.Reaper ‘Options’ ft. Wiz Khalifa

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