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Morravey Shines with Her Debut EP “RAVI”

Morravey, the gifted artist who recently made waves by joining Davido’s esteemed record label, DMW, has officially dropped her highly anticipated EP, “RAVI.” This release, featuring five tracks spanning R&B, Pop, Afrobeats, and Dance genres, marks Morravey’s impressive solo debut.

The title, “RAVI,” which translates to “sunlight,” beautifully encapsulates the radiant energy Morravey infuses into her music. This EP is a testament to her versatility and musical prowess, as she effortlessly navigates through various styles and emotions.

The journey through “RAVI” commences with “What Is Love,” a soul-stirring exploration of the complexities of love. The track seamlessly blends soulful vocals with Afro R&B melodies, setting the tone for what’s to come.

“High Again” follows, offering a euphoric celebration of love, self-discovery, and youthful exuberance. Its infectious energy is bound to uplift listeners.


“Condo” is a vibrant homage to Port Harcourt, incorporating local language and authentic sounds, a testament to Morravey’s cultural roots and musical diversity.

“My Baby” is a heartfelt ode to enduring affection, and its emotive lyrics are sure to resonate with romantics everywhere.

The EP culminates with “Magician,” a track featuring the one and only Davido. Together, they combine their distinct voices against rhythmic beats, celebrating the strength and independence of young women. This collaboration showcases the power of two talented artists uniting to create something truly special.

Morravey’s “RAVI” EP is a testament to her artistry and a promising glimpse into the future of Afrobeats and global music. With its blend of genres, heartfelt lyrics, and vibrant energy, this EP is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers far and wide.

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