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MERLIN Upcoming Single Is Titled – Recipe

So hot it’ll make you sweat, MERLIN is serving up a spicy new single “Recipe,” releasing May 13. MERLIN can be sugary sweet, but she’s bringing the heat in in this new electro-pop track. Secure in sexuality, MERLIN is not only confident, but empowering women to embrace their own sexuality. 

“I think this track is crucial to my growth as an artist and as a woman.” confesses MERLIN. “Artists like Lil’ Kim, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and so many more have shaped and constantly challenge the status quo in a male-dominated industry. They embody an unapologetic and authentic version of themselves and use their craft to expand on their identities. That was my goal.”

Mixing commanding lyrics with sexy delivery, MERLIN lures in listeners with bewildering talent and a come-hither attitude. A ‘recipe’ for commercial success, the seasoned songwriter and fiery artist is about to set pop radio and dance clubs ablaze.

“Recipe” impacts all platforms on May 13. For more on MERLIN, follow @thisisMerlin13 on social media and visit www.thisisMerlin.com

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