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Melina Malone Releases Neo-Soul Single ‘Tru Luv’

Melina Malone, a Dublin-born R&B artist, has been making waves in the Irish music scene. She has been praised as “one of the best voices in Ireland” by GoldenPlec in 2021. Melina has collaborated with esteemed artists such as Mango X Mathman, Rebel Phoenix, Zaska, Booka Brass, and Glasshouse Music, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Melina’s live performances have garnered a strong following, often drawing large crowds. Her powerful vocal performances leave audiences captivated, and she is known for her captivating stage presence. Melina’s single launch for ‘Lovers Sunday’ at the Crowbar in the Button Factory was a sold-out event, further highlighting her popularity.

In 2021, Melina took a break from performing to focus on her debut album. Over the past year, she has worked diligently with acclaimed Irish producers Alex O’Keefe and Adam Shanahan to shape her sound and bring her artistic vision to life. These producers have previously worked with notable artists such as LYRA, Jafaris, Fia Moon, Shiv, Bobbi Arlo, and Nealo.

Melina’s previous single, ‘Lovers Sunday,’ received significant support on radio stations in both Ireland and the UK. The track was played on popular stations such as 2FM, Spin, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Today FM, and 98FM. Additionally, it was featured on Spotify editorials like New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and A Breath of Fresh Eire.

Her next single, ‘Tru Love,’ is a powerful Neo-Soul track that aims to redefine the standard of Irish R&B. With this record, Melina seeks to make her mark on the genre. Her highly anticipated debut LP is scheduled for release in Autumn 2023, showcasing her growth as an artist and cementing her position in the music industry.

Melina Malone Releases Neo-Soul Single ‘Tru Luv’
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