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MARLEE XX Double Shares New Single “Frequency” and “Only

MARLEE XX, our multi-hyphenate music artist (vocalist – songwriter – DJ – producer) and powerhouse entertainer, hailing from Washington, DC, is a “one-woman band” who has honed a distinctive, musically versatile style of genre fluidity.  Today, MARLEE XX is dropping her double release of “Frequency” and “Only One,” creating crossover-ready pop songs that obliterate the traditional pop-formula and completely redefine what it means to be a woman in music.

“Frequency” harbors a dark, bold, and moody beat juxtaposed by uplifting lyrics that, quite literally, raise the vibration of anyone listening, as well as, raise the stakes.  Demanding a call to action and pleading with the higher self to rise to the occasion, the track reverberates … 

“..I said God told me I have one job and that’s to raise the entire frequency of the universe.”

Like a wave of fresh sunshine after a storm or crisp cool water to cleanse the soul, “Only One,” trickles in to embrace another vibration.  With a juicy bass, delicate synths and discovery of the need for just one true love, this almost reggae-inspired infusion bounces along a fine line of urban and progressive pop music.

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