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Maddy Hick – “My Eyes Have Dried”

Maddy Hicks has released a new single called “My Eyes Have Dried.” This is the first single following the release of her recent EP Nightlife. While Nightlife had themes of fear, anxiety, and heartbreak, “My Eyes Have Dried” shows confidence and power, marking a significant transition toward a new chapter in Maddy’s music.

Every breakup results in a range of emotions. There are the feelings of love and lust that were forged during the relationship, which never fade away as fast as they’re supposed to. Then there’s the anger and resentment over what the other person could have done differently. Depression and denial come in waves and make it hard to move onto better things. But eventually, on some mediocre day, there is nothing left to feel anymore. All of a sudden, thinking about that person is actually… boring. That’s where Maddy finds herself in “My Eyes Have Dried.” The song looks back on the process of moving on in a cold, unbiased way. There is power in feeling nothing anymore; none of the love, but also none of the pain. There are no tears left to cry.

Originally from upstate New York, Maddy Hicks has been performing her self-written music for almost a decade. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2018 to pursue a career as a songwriter and artist while studying at Belmont University. She writes about the twentysomething experience with a unique sense of rhythm and rhyme beneath powerful melodies. In December of 2019, Maddy released her debut album The Bliss You Missed. Since then, she has transitioned into more of a pop sound. Her recent EP Nightlife is the first wave of music that Maddy plans to release this summer, and “My Eyes Have Dried” marks the beginning of the next wave. 


“I wrote ‘My Eyes Have Dried’ from a place of empowerment. Getting over someone takes a lot of vulnerability and pain without any reward in the end other than finally feeling nothing about it. I wanted to celebrate that feeling and give it the hype it deserves. Everyone who hears this song and relates to it should feel proud of how far they’ve come in processing their heartbreak. Now that you feel nothing about someone who doesn’t deserve you, you can finally feel everything again with someone who does.”

Please contact maddyhicks13@gmail.com for interviews and further information. 


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