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Jon Mullins Drops Scorching New Single, “Hot Like Summer”

Dynamic rising pop artist and ‘The Voice’ alum, Jon Mullins, has released his highly anticipated scorching new single, “Hot Like Summer,”.The fun, uptempo dance track, written by Mullins and produced by Ryan Prewitt, features soaring falsetto vocals, funky retro electric rhythm guitar and a synth-heavy driving beat.

While his previous ballad releases have shown his strong influences from Adele and Sam Smith, “Hot Like Summer” takes his artistry into new territory, striking immediate vibes of Justin Timberlake-meets-Bruno Mars. Gifted with an “enormous voice that fills up the room” according to superstar Nick Jonas, Mullins’ versatile vocal range and smooth harmonies can easily propel him into the same league as his idols. And with a growing and dedicated combined social media fanbase of over 185,000 followers he is well on his way to reaching that goal.

Mullins’ time on ‘The Voice’ offered him the opportunity to be exposed to fans of many genres of music and he enjoys a substantial crossover audience best summed up in this quote from Patti McClintic of ‘Think Country’:“This season’s pop scorcher! ‘Hot Like Summer’ starts to sizzle from the first note, building a fire until Mullins sets your senses ablaze at the bridge. One sexy-sounding summer heatwave!”

“’Hot Like Summer’ is inspired by the story of when I met my wife Whitney,” states Mullins about the writing of the song. “The first verse talks about how she quickly became the center of my universe and all I could think about was her. The chorus explains how we had a love that was something that I had never experienced before. It was real and grew faster than we ever expected. The second verse talks about being ensnared in her love. I was so ‘caught up in [her] atmosphere’ that I couldn’t leave, but I didn’t even want to. The bridge touches on a little bit more of a personal topic. When we first met, I had been going through a hard time with my parent’s divorce and was afraid of love. Hence the line ‘you were just the right thing at the wrong time’ and then it turns around at the end of the bridge where it says that I was done running from love. Overall this song has a fun, incredibly energetic vibe – but also isn’t afraid to get a tiny bit serious.”


It’s no wonder that Mullins’ riveting performance during his 2020 stint on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ gave Kelly Clarkson “chills.” Through his honesty, intuitive nature and introspective mind, Mullins shatters the glass ceiling of expectations in a smoke and mirrors industry. “Hot Like Summer” further showcases the depth of his artistry and in the process, ignites a fire that promises to burn brightly for many years to come.

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