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 Lizzy Paris Unveils Groovy Single – Crash n’ Burn

Born and raised in California’s Bay Area, Lizzy Paris’ unique and authentic sound is a blend of things both old and new. Following her debut single, Lizzy now returns with a warming soul-pop offering ‘Crash n’ Burn’. A feel-good bop with a vintage flair, ‘Crash n’ Burn’ is infused with a groovy rhythm which compliments Lizzy’s soothing vocals and sunny disposition. ‘Crash n’ Burn’ is an empowering release for Lizzy, who wants to bring the voices of more black women to pop music. 

“There was an urge to give voice to more black women in pop spaces. We’re not all one-dimensional, and I’d love to contribute to the underrepresentation,” Lizzy shares.

On the inspiration behind the release, Lizzie adds:

Written with bright and witty lyrics of optimism, Crash n’ Burn is a breezy pick-me-up. It’s a colorful smile with the smell of coffee in the morning and the sun shining. It’s reminiscent of those early ’70s, 80s soft/yacht rock records. With the world recovering from the pandemic, now more than ever felt like the right time to give people much-needed relief. The song is a gentle reminder of keeping track of the state of your spirit and mental health. We were inspired to make the world smile again. 

‘Crash n’ Burn’ follows the release of her hugely successful debut single ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight’, which has already garnered over 136k streams on Spotify and landed editorial playlist placements. 



Lizzy Paris (formerly known as Jasmine Nichol) bolted onto the music scene with the release of her freshman mixtape titled, ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time’. The success of the release propelled her career. She was named one of Sacramento News and Reviews “Freshman Class” and also shared the stage with artists such as Miguel, Jhené Aiko, JoJo, Bilal, and Snoop Dogg during a promotional run! 

Her music embodies an alchemy of love, healing, spirituality, peace, and at times the need to speak against the injustices in her life and in the world. Paris’ sound is a seamless blend of neo-soul, jazz, pop, and hip-hop, encompassing a space all her own. Whether on stage, in the studio, or in the streets, Lizzy Paris has one mission and it is to provide a sense of relief, optimism and hope to all whom her words connect with.

Growing up, Lizzy admired the music of Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae, Nancy Wilson, and Lenny Kravitz and was also captivated by the dreamy sounds of Nat King Cole and Big Band Jazz records

Outside of her music career, Lizzy is a certified instructor in meditation and sound healing. Passionate about the spiritual realm, Lizzy aims to heal through her music as well. 

“I always find ways to incorporate my sound healing training into anything. If you listen close enough, there’s a pleasant treat of Sacral Plexus Tibetan bowl playing at the end of Crash n’ Burn to bring forth the energy and flow of creation!”

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