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Lhēon – ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’

Lhēon – ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’ – Swedish born; Melbourne based singer-songwriter Lhēon shows a whole new side to her music with her new single ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’. In IHTWTILY Lhēon instantly resonated with notable producer Lee Bradshaw to create a track that lyrically can be related by so many. The single delves deep into widely conflicting emotions which can overtake your ability to think straight. Lhēon showcases that we are all human and we’re all capable of making mistakes. 

The track opens up with allusive keys before swiftly introducing a slick beat and thriving bass work. All of this allows Lhēon’s beautifully heartfelt vocals to take centre stage. It’s a side of Lhēon that we are yet to see. It’s powerful, It’s emotive and most of all it’s got attitude. 

I wanted to introduce something to the world that was different from my first few singles. I was aware of setting a tone and creating a ‘union’ around my sound, and now I feel I’ve developed that foundation. I wanted to offer up a part of my sound which I felt kind of needed to be ‘qualified’ first”, explains Lhēon. “I didn’t want to shoebox myself as the ‘angry, heartbreak girl’ straight off the bat – so now this feels like the right time to roll this tune out and kick the door in! Witnessing first-hand on stage how this song works on audiences…I’m really thrilled when I see people singing that hook back at me… I hope that the energy in the track, and the lyrics provides a sort of catharsis for people that have experienced something similar.”

When mentioning the writing process Lhēon mentions We went to the piano during one of our writing sessions, and my producer said “I want to show you this song I wrote a long time ago, I think it would suit you”. He started playing the song on the piano, singing it back to me. I was hooked instantly; I knew straight away that this is a song I needed to sing. The pace of the song and the unexpected twists and turns – I loved it.”


Conjuring sounds-of-the past into a delicate exploration of the future, Lhēon firmly establishes her musical territory with a voice that belies her age. Often compared to Adele, Lhēon’s voice is key to her disarming expressive ability. Her songs are brutally honest – disclosing everything from family heartbreak, relationship struggles through to yearning of the most taboo type. Lhēon’s performance welcomes all-comers to bear witness – a voice to unite even the most unlikely of allies. 

‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’ features on LHĒON’s new EP “Full Disclosure Pt. II” and is the follow up to highly successful singles “elique” and “pretend”. Both of which surpassed over 30k streams on Spotify alone. The EP alone explores neo-soul and electronic pop vibes, to a mix of vintage soul fused sassy hooks, all shaping a beautiful eclectic sound.

LHĒON continues to show the public why she’s one of the most excitingly diverse artists around and with the ever-forward-thinking release of ‘I Hate The Way That I Love You’ this is no different. 

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