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Kobby Herbz Unveils New single ‘My Mind’

After hitting the ground running with a string of singles this year, Ghanaian artist Kobby Herbz reveals his romantic side in latest single track ‘My Mind (MM)‘ alongside fellow artist StrongmanBurner. The message is the simple and all-powerful confession of love, using soothing marimba style synths and rhythmic clicks to enchant the listener. Kobby recalls the intentions behind the song: “Back in the day when I saw young I met a girl called Agyeiwaa Charlotte she showed love no one has ever shown me apart from my Mother, I decided to make a song for her”. If you’re looking for an Afro-infused love song to warm your spirit as the year progresses into the colder months, look no further than ‘My Mind (MM)‘. 

Growing up in the vibrant town of Sepe Buokrom, nestled within Ghana’s Ashanti region, Kobby Herbz is a humble upcoming artist looking to connect wholly to the Afrobeat space. As the second child in a family of three siblings, he carries with him the warmth and unity of close-knit beginnings. In his community, Kobby was a recognizable figure, known for his outgoing nature and charisma, earning him the moniker “Kobby Herbz.” Life, for Kobby, revolves around the essential pillars of trust, friendship, and family.


He finds happiness in the simple joys of life and cherishes the bonds he shares with those close to him. These moments of contemplation have undoubtedly influenced his artistry and will continue to shape his music as he navigates the ever-evolving journey of life. Now with over seven singles to his name, Kobby Herbz invites you to join him on this remarkable journey, where his unique perspective and experiences will find expression through his music, forging connections with audiences alike. 

Kobby Herbz Unveils New single ‘My Mind (MM)’

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