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Katrina Burgoyne Releases New Single “I Wanna Get Away With You”

Katrina Burgoyne’s “I Wanna Get Away With You” is the true story of the singer’s relationship with her now-husband. After finding love unexpectedly in a Broadway bar three years ago when a stranger photobombed a group photo, Katrina was swept off her feet. After one date, she had to return home and thought she would never see him again. When her phone buzzed several weeks later, she was pleasantly surprised to see it was him asking to come visit her. They fell madly in love over the course of a week in Australia. Currently, they are newlyweds with a penchant for creating amazing music together as an artist/producer couple. 

“This song is for the ones who found love in unexpected places, that fell faster than anticipated and felt lucky to “get away” with it.”  -Katrina Burgoyne 

Katrina’s voice is velvety and vibrant, but has a rasp that carries through the whole song. Burgoyne’s sultry vocals mixed with swaying guitar and bouncy drums will make any listener want to blast this with the windows down on the highway. A high energy chord progression, the well-blended acoustic guitar picking and electric guitar riffs, and uptempo drumbeat makes for a pitch-perfect country-pop single.  

With the start of the summer, this is Burgoyne’s stunning contribution to beloved love songs in the country genre. With a boppy melody and catchy lyrics, this song will be on every country fan’s summer playlist. 

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