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Clarke John blends alternative hip-hop and R&B on new release ‘Sunsets’

Clarke John blends alternative hip-hop and R&B on new release ‘Sunsets’: Chill-hop artist Clarke John is back with his brand new single ‘Sunsets’. The genre-blending track mixes Clarke’s signature chill-hop sound with a smooth R&B vocal line and tranquil synths. Authentic emotion resonates throughout the lo-fi offering, Clarke shares more about the meaning behind the track:

“Sunsets takes a melancholic look back at a past relationship, expressing hope and concerns about how differently it could have gone. As a sunset represents the closing of a day, I chose that title to represent the closing of that relationship.”

‘Sunsets’ is yet another addition to Clarke John’s catalogue of music that shows he’s not afraid to express his own personal pain through music. 


Born in 2000, Clarke John comes from a musical family. After discovering his love for music when he was 14, he now uses his passion for the art form to express himself in ways that words cannot. 

With major goals and a hyper focused drive, Clarke represents his home town of Portland, Oregon, hoping to bring to life a new found love for alternative chill-hop and rap in the city he’s from.

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