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Katana – Diary Entry

Katana – Diary Entry: Born in Hong Kong, and based in Vancouver. Katana is a singer-songwriter and producer in the electro/alternative/art pop world of music. She likes to describe her music as a beautiful cocktail of all the genres she loves. Now Katana unveils her latest soulful single ‘Diary Entry’. The edgy R&B tinged track is an authentic offering, featuring words taken straight from Katana’s own diary.  

Katana on the meaning behind the track:

“Have you ever met somebody that is so out of everything you thought was possible, that blew you out of the water? Ever had your heart broken by someone you briefly met, barely knew? This is that story for me. The words in the song are ripped right out of a page that I wrote in my diary. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just a reflection piece on my life at the time and on this beautiful person I was so lucky to meet. And maybe this song is also just a long way of saying: “Hey man, if you’re listening to this, give me a call lol”

In ‘Diary Entry,’ Katana shares a glimpse of the passion and vulnerability we can expect on her upcoming EP. Katana’s bona fide confessional song-writing stands out from the crowd as she honestly shares her own self-discovery with the listener. 

Through her soulful tones and intimate lyrics, Katana aims to make music that she herself would want to hear and connect with someone somewhere. She feels like music should not be made complicated beyond that, making something that you love with your truth and nothing more.

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