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Jhené Aiko Teases ‘New Era’, Debuts New Song

Jhené Aiko Teases ‘New Era’, Debuts New Song: Jhené Aiko, the R&B singer, has been relatively quiet on the music scene lately, but that is about to change. Recently, Jhené surprised her fans by previewing a new track on Instagram. The song, which is currently untitled, features Jhené’s enchanting vocals and upbeat lyrics.

In the track, Jhené sings about being content with life and thriving, sending love to those who are struggling, and how she cannot relate to hate. Despite going through difficult times, the mother of two continues to sing about overcoming her pain and being lifted up by someone special.


While Jhené hasn’t released any solo music since her 2020 album Chilombo, it seems that new music is on the way.

In addition, Jhené has been collaborating with Big Sean on new music. Sean announced in February 2022 that they were working on a follow-up to TWENTY88’s 2016 debut. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Noah, in November.

Taz expressed excitement for this new era and stated that they are taking it back to simpler times when they released music for the love of it. The new track is dedicated to the Soulmates, and Taz apologized to Def Jam and the team, indicating that this release is independent of their label.

Jhené Aiko Teases ‘New Era’, Debuts New Song

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