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Dee Famous – To The Rain

Rising R&B artist Dee Famous releases his debut single To The Rain. The heartfelt track comes from the place of a broken relationship and acts as a way for Dee to reach out to as many people as possible and relay his relatable story to the masses.   

The story behind the track comes from a personal experience which Dee could only express through song. ‘To The Rain’ is a very literal title that describes Dee witnessing his ex-lover dancing in the rain with another man, not long after the end of their relationship together, after witnessing this scene he was on the tube home and couldn’t help but write a song about what he had seen. The lyrics see him asking for a second chance and attempting to rebuild his broken relationship by not letting go, and striving to improve himself. 

Sonically ‘To The Rain’ comes with a mix of R&B and Soul, with influences that include Michael Jackson, Lemar and R-Kelly, this twinned with Classic Rock nuances inspired by Nickelback and Phil Collins, making for a personal and intriguing listen. Creating this authentic blend of genres and instrumentation makes the track very captivating. Dee feels it is his social responsibility to give his music to the world and hopes that he will soon create material that is fit for every part of life, such as birthdays, weddings, nightlife and even the gym. Music plays such a huge part in his life that he feels his music should feature in every aspect of his listeners’ lifestyles. 


The ambitious release comes complete with a polished video that features Dee himself going through the motions of ending his relationship, nostalgically filmed at the location in which he saw his ex-lover dancing in the rain. The overall profound message of ‘To The Rain’ is this: ‘Results come to those who act on their plans, not to those who spend all their time finding ways to perfect it’, a universal truth that speaks to anyone who’s ever had their heartbroken. 

Making music from the age of 17, this first official single is a compelling release, set to prick people’s interest in Dee Famous’ future material. With a full EP lined up for later this year be sure to keep an eye on his socials for more information.

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