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Jack Newsome – “The Year The World Stood Still”

Multi-talented American singer, songwriter and producer Jack Newsome has released an impressive new single dubbed “The Year The World Stood Still” . The New Jersey native lived in an air of uncertainty in his new home of Studio City, CA, trying to understand what was happening around him. So, being the artist that he is, Jack penned “The Year The World Stood Still”, a track fitting for the times, while simultaneously allowing for the rising star to vent out his own feelings on what was going on around him. It’s become his superpower of sorts: creating songs that not only speak to him, but speak to the rest of the world around him. 

However “The Year The World Stood Still”, is a song about the realization that sometimes hitting pause is vital. Much more than a song of the moment, the track carries into the concept of what happens even after this is all over. “I remember writing this song thinking, ‘I’m in my 20’s and right now I should be having the time of my life,” he adds, “and I couldn’t do any of that.’” It’s inspirational but also poignant, while bringing together all of the elements of a solid Pop song. It’s something Jack Newsome knows how to do quite well. “I hope that for years to come, people will hear this song and just reflect on how far we’ve come,” he says. Jack’s goal is to make music that speaks to different generations who can all understand the same sentiment. “Whatever I do, I want it to be embraced by a lot of different people,” he adds. “I’m excited for what comes next.”

As a student at Berklee College of Music majoring in Music and Production, he cut several songs, which grabbed the attention of reality songwriting competition series Songland. Jack was a part of the first season, working with Country singer/songwriter/producer Shane McAnally as his episode’s coach turned mentor in real life. As a finalist for his episode, Jack and Shane cut the smooth song “Lying (Next To You)” which cracked the one million mark on streaming platforms. The cut had elements of everything from Country to Trap, which truly displayed Jack’s versatility. Stream, download and share “The Year The World Stood Still” beneath.

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