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Iranian-American artist Ali Rez Returns With New Single – Back To U

Iranian-American artist Ali Rez Returns With New Single – Back To U: Iranian-American artist Ali Rez returns with another eclectic and elevating electronic affair ‘Back To U’ this July.

‘Back To U’ is the captivating follow-up single from singer, songwriter, DJ and attorney Ali Rez, having released ‘Live Above Pollution’ last month. This multi-faceted talent was born and raised in Queens, New York and is a first-generation, LGBT Iranian-American whose passion revolves around his emission to heal himself and the world through music, activism, and love. This July welcomes the arrival of a genre-spanning new single ‘Back To U’ – revealing a deeper and darker production from the ever on-point talent. 

‘Back To U’ rides beneath organic percussion and immediately has listeners hooked with an infectious bassline and sweeping strings. Ali Rez’s mellow and warm-hearted vocals add vital texture to this brilliantly brutal and atmospheric anthem while undulating rhythms, distorted vocal chants and punchy kicks make it have maximum impact.

“Back 2 U is about the feeling of nostalgia. A moment in time you will never forget. Chasing that feeling. With a person you love. It’s about living in the present moment, and appreciating those moments as much as possible.” – Ali Rez


During the pandemic, Ali Rez welcomed the birth of his nephew while his collaborator’s partner was also pregnant. They both experienced the feeling of ‘new life’ being welcomed on this earth while their communities were feeling pain.

Ali Rez heard the beat from Bankwell and was inspired by the birth of his nephew and recorded the ideas on his phone before officially recording in his home studio.

Other than being an artist, Ali Rez is a tenant eviction and foreclosure defence attorney in New York City. He is an advocate for affordable housing, and the co-founder of a food waste nonprofit organisation, RoHo Compost. He also serves on the NYC Bar Association Animal Rights Committee as an animal rights advocate. He believes artists have a responsibility to their communities and the planet and uses his voice and privilege to give back while giving a voice to the voiceless.

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