Exclusive Interview With Reggae Singer Black Raan

Hailing from the thriving musical hub and original home of Reggae in JamaicaBlack Raan is an established musician who is distinctly experienced across a broad spectrum of musical avenues. The Caribbean king has always had a deep-rooted love and passion for music; surrounding himself with a range of genres and a rich musical diet. Yet, it was only recently he started channeling his passion into putting lyrics on paper, recording & releasing his own material.

Now, returning with “Burden”, Black Raan, showcases the crafty and mature songwriter he has become. The exquisitely addictive new single expertly combines his empowered bold lyricism and stunning vocals. Speaking on the release, Black Raan explained: This song just flowed I was in my zone and the words started flowing about the challenges of intimacy.Black Raan, reveals a magnum opus party tune with hints of exploration through bold basslines, sharp beats, and bright lines to have listeners replaying every time. 

We recently had an exclusive interview with the singer and he shared some pertinent facts worthy of note concerning his musical career and his latest single ‘Burden’. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Burden” afterwards.


Congratulations on your new single Black Rann. Tell us about the conception of your new release ‘Burden’?

Black Raan: ‘Burden’ started with noticing women and how often their purses are loaded on their shoulders like a burden. Then I started thinking about other things that weigh on people’s shoulders In connection to the name of the song.

Tell us about Black Raan’s musical influences and background.

Black Raan: I don’t come from a musical family, so my background in music was purely influenced by the music that was around when I was growing up in Jamaica. Reggae much was always around me and from my teenage years to now I listen to Jah Love music with Brigadier Jerry; it is a major influence for me.

How did you conceptualize & structure ‘Burden’ – what were your initial thoughts?

Black Raan: I conceptualized “Burden” from seeing the burden of women; the need to put on make-up to maintain physical beauty.

As a reggae artiste, do you believe there is a ‘cross over’ between reggae and hip hop music?

Black Raan: Each genre has its own identity, and anything is possible in music, there are no boundaries where music can go. I believe there is some influence and great collaboration between reggae and hip-hop music.

How would you describe your work ethic and how do you balance that with your personal life?

Black Raan: I am a very hard-working person. I am constantly writing lyrics and working on my sound and rid dims. I like to do my best in whatever I am doing. My music is very personal to me so it’s all mixed together for me.

Tell me about one song that you’ve written, produced, and performed that you’re proud of?

Black Raan: I can’t really choose just one song. I am proud of all my songs; they each represent a dream coming true for me. Each song gives me a different vibe and feeling at different times.

If you could collaborate with one musician on one track, who would it be and why?

Black Raan:
If I could collaborate with one artist, it would Capleton. I have admired his work so much and I have watched him and his music grow over the years. He has contributed so much to reggae music.

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