Exclusive Interview With King Nefthaly

Welcome to our interview with emerging artist King Nefthaly, who has just released his latest EP ‘Winnings In Struggles’. Known for his fusion of Afrobeats and Hip Hop with Christian values, Nefthaly aims to empower listeners with his soulful and motivational sound. His first release, ‘Mighty Warrior’, showcased his unique perspective and sound, and since then he has been making a name for himself in Lesotho and collaborating with other upcoming artists.

Hailing from Lesotho, Nefthaly infuses Christian values into his unique blend of Afrobeats and Hip Hop, creating a sound that is both soulful and motivational. His latest project, which took several months to put together, is a testament to his unwavering faith and belief in God’s unconditional love. In this exclusive interview, Nefthaly shared his journey as an artist, his inspiration behind ‘Winnings In Struggles’, and his plans for the future. Read on to learn more about this promising youth African artist who is making a name for himself in the Afrobeats scene.


Let’s start with your debut album, ‘Mighty Warrior’. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the album and what it means to  you?

My first single ‘Mighty Warrior’ was really the best work I did, since it was my first experience in the music industry. The pandemic made me recall who I am. I saw how terrified people were and governments seemed helpless against the disease. I, therefore, wrote ‘Mighty Warrior’, making people remember that we are protected by The Supernatural God. I outline it as the best motivation to my music career for I always remember that I’m protected. 

What inspired you to combine your faith with Afrobeats/Hip-Hop music, and how has that combination influenced your music style and lyrical content in your latest EP ‘Winnings in Struggles’? 

Using Afrobeats helped me lyrically, I’m able to give out a clear message relying on the melodies of the traditional sounds, allowing me to express my faith, joy, and relaxation together with happiness in God. Hip-hop allows me to build emotional and soulful music, sometimes giving my listeners the taste of being a Christian and fighting challenges but in the end winning.

Your latest EP ‘Winnings in Struggles’ draws on your Christian faith and features a fusion of Afrobeats and Hip-Hop sounds. How did your religious beliefs inspire your music and how do you hope your music will impact your listeners?”

There’s no doubt that Afrobeats and Hip-hop are the best leading genres globally and with that being the case, my music stands out to be among the best. In Christianity, there’s no limit so I choose Hip-hop as a weapon and motivation to keep my supporters going in times of trouble. I grew up as a Christian, my whole family has always trusted God with everything so I was very sure that this EP, ‘Winnings In Struggles’, could work as a breakthrough for each listener since it was done by faith and purpose. 

Can you tell us about how your Christian values inspire your music and how they have been reflected in your latest EP “Winnings in Struggles”? Also, how does your music aim to empower listeners and spread your message about God’s unconditional love?

Being the Child of God made me a special person to the community. Reading the Bible helps me to stay alert and ready to bring solutions to people’s spiritual lives through music. Songs like God Loves Me 2 are examples of how we should live according to the Bible. Even if people are in the worst situations of life but still praise God, that can bring joy and freedom. Society can therefore be productive, without strikes or wars because people’s focus is on God, and we, therefore, win regardless of our struggles. 

You’ve been releasing a lot of music since your debut album. How do you manage to maintain a consistent level of quality and creativity in your music?

Ditto Music distribution plays a very important role in my career, there is a lot of advice on how to record and work on the project. This helps upcoming artists like me to be considered quality Musicians. My creativity comes from the Highest God. He tips me on every project I work on since I am the Messenger. I preach or sing His goodness and mercies, this is what I was born for uplifting God’s Flag.

You recently collaborated with Texas-based artist Herb Flav. How did that collaboration come about, and what was it like working with him?

I featured Herb Flav from Texas on my song called Focus. We met on Facebook and talked music; I always tell him he’s a God-sent. Working with him has somehow left a major impact on my music. I learned a lot from him. With several singles, collaborations, and a growing following, you’re quickly making a name for yourself in the Afrobeats scene. What are your goals for the future, both musically and personally, and how do you plan to achieve them?

The music I make doesn’t only help other people; it also helps me to measure my growth in Christianity. I personally want to be the most successful Gospel artist in the whole world, so I hope to be among the people who really helped the community to turn back to God. I will surely achieve this by being hopeful, persistent, focused, and positive about my career.

I chose to mix Afrobeats with Gospel so that fans can enjoy the good news I spread. Afromusic is one of the most popular genres, a lot of people enjoy it. That being the case, my music will get to millions of people living them with motivation and empowerment to not give up.  Listening to the songs like ‘Pullings’, will motivate people individually, seeing that battles are won by the fighters. 

What inspired you to fuse Christian values into your Afrobeats/Hip Hop sound, and how do you hope your music will empower and inspire listeners, particularly with your latest EP ‘Winnings In Struggles’

There’s no life without ups and downs, so being weak emotionally and spiritually will result in defeat. Listening to the Winnings In Struggles EP will help renew your inner strength and faith to keep fighting and winning over life challenges, struggles and troubles.

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