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Interview With Afrobeat Artist kG-GIVEN

KG-GIVEN, the renowned Afrobeat artist behind the 2020 hit “Queen Love I Feel Her,” which amassed over 180,000 streams on Spotify alone, is back with a remarkable new single titled “African Feeling.” This Afrobeat and Amapiano anthem is filled with a sun-soaked vibe and immense energy. The song delves into a love narrative and showcases KG-GIVEN’s admiration for a specific “beautiful, curvy African lady.” He is captivated by her genuine and unwavering attitude, which remains unchanged regardless of her accomplishments in life. Teaming up with esteemed producer JasperHQ, KG-GIVEN took the opportunity to showcase his poetic mastery and poignant lyricism, intertwining them with infectious rhythms. The song also emphasizes the admiration and respect for curvy women. With its uplifting message of self-appreciation and love, “African Feeling” is the perfect soundtrack for a hot summer’s day, guaranteed to put you in the best mood.

Hailing from the vibrant cultural hub of South Africa, KG-GIVEN is a multifaceted artist, encompassing the roles of singer, songwriter, and rapper. With a deep-rooted passion for music, Given Bheki Khoza, born in February 1996, began his journey in the industry by anonymously releasing tracks on platforms like Soundcloud and Tunecore. This initial step led to a dedicated following and provided him with the necessary momentum to release his music on Spotify. KG-GIVEN stood out in the South African music scene for his unique blend of genres, defying the constraints of labels and incorporating elements of alternative R&B and Pop into his signature Afrobeat sound.

Now established as an artist on his own record label, TRUNIGHTS RECORDS, KG-GIVEN continues to astound listeners with infectious rhythms and irresistibly catchy melodies that stand the test of time. His music is an essential listen, showcasing his versatility and undeniable talent.

We had the privilege of sitting down with KG-GIVEN, the rising star of Afrobeat, to dive deep into his latest single, “African Feeling,” and his journey as a musician. KG-GIVEN, also known as Given Bheki Khoza, has been making waves in the South African music scene with his unique sound and genre-defying approach. In this interview, we explore his inspiration behind the song, his musical evolution, and the meaningful message of self-appreciation and love that he aims to convey through his music.


Congratulations on the release of your new single, “African Feeling.” Can you share with us the inspiration behind the song and what led you to delve into a love narrative centered around a beautiful, curvy African lady?

The single delves into a love narrative that I wrote, expressing my adoration for a particular beautiful, curvy African lady. I clearly admire the rhythm of the instruments within the sound, which I couldn’t mention in words but rather in a song. I am astounded by her pure heartfelt attitude, which never changes no matter how much she achieves in life. She remains the same pure African woman, both physically and emotionally. This song has given me an opportunity to express how I view her and how other women like her should be viewed.

Working with producer JasperHQ, you were able to weave your poetic mastery and poignant lyricism into the infectious rhythms of the song. Can you walk us through the creative process and how you brought all the elements together to create such a summer-fueled anthem?

Working with prestigious producer JasperHQ, I took this track as an opportunity to flaunt my poetic mastery and poignant lyricism, which I interwove into the infectious rhythms of the song. Firstly, I rehearsed the song alone by following the rhythm of the beat I purchased on the website called 20dollarbeats.com, my beat supplier. I also adjusted my metaphor to blend with the rhythm. We also corrected the lyrics and the structure of the song so that other curvy women out there would feel admired and respected. With a crucial message of self-appreciation and love, we added backups to the song to make it busier and attract listeners who would want more. ‘African Feeling’ is the perfect soundtrack for a hot summer’s day and is certain to put you in the best mood.

“African Feeling” carries a crucial message of self-appreciation and love. How do you hope listeners will connect with this message, especially during these challenging times, and what impact do you aim to make with your music?

I feel like plus-size women are body-shamed, and sometimes they feel like they are not beautiful enough. So ‘African Feeling’ is a song that tells them that there are men out there who love those curves. You are not less beautiful but 100% beautiful just the way you are. Body shaming affects many women, causing them to be unable to work to their fullest, making it difficult for them to perform well in their daily routines.

This causes a lack of skill and talent because women who are being body-shamed are afraid to reveal their passion. They feel not good enough, as their appearance doesn’t allow them to pursue such dreams. This song will help them gain the confidence to pursue any dream or passion, which will help them perform well in their careers and daily routines, maintaining peace and well-being for everyone.

As an artist hailing from South Africa, how has your cultural background influenced your musical style and the fusion of genres you bring to your music?

I grew up listening to music from different cultures. Growing up, I never really focused on the genre, but rather on the melody within the sound. That’s why my inspiration comes from artists of different genres. As an artist hailing from South Africa, I decided to borrow these melodies and fuse them with my African vibe and Afrobeats, creating my style while also remaining rooted in my African heritage.

You started your music streaming career by releasing anonymously on platforms like Soundcloud and Tunecore. How did this experience shape your journey as an artist and contribute to the dedicated following you have today?

I started by publishing music on SoundCloud, which helped me share my music with my social media friends as a link. Then, I moved to an agency called Ks Musique, which introduced me to Tunecore, where they published my song ‘Queen Love I Feel Her.’ I started promoting the song via social media and different Spotify music promoters. The song started attracting more listeners on Spotify due to its fusion of Afrobeats with other genres. Different playlist curators also started adding the song to their playlists, which allowed me to gain small gigs from small nightclubs. This led me to release more music. The song helped me finally realize that most of my fans enjoy my ‘African Feeling’ style of Afrobeats fusion, which has brought me to where I am now.

Being the founder of your own record label, TRUNIGHTS RECORDS, how has having creative control and independence impacted your artistic growth and allowed you to express yourself authentically?

I learnt how to gain royalties from it, and it also helped me create music the way I want to. I listen to what my fans want, and I have also learned the importance of creating quality music. It has also helped me keep 100% of my royalties while shaping the music industry by bringing something different without being restricted.

With your unique blend of genres and infectious rhythms, your music stands out in the South African music scene. How do you navigate the concept of genre and incorporate elements of alternative RnB and Pop into your Afrobeat sound?

I navigate the concept of genre and incorporate elements of alternative R&B and Pop into my Afrobeat sound by listing my songs under their similar approved characterized style, form, or content. For example, if a song contains more elements borrowed from Hip-hop, I will specify it under Hip-hop as the primary genre and Afrobeats as the main genre. This allows me to remind fans that I am an African artist who borrows elements from other genres and incorporates infectious rhythms.”

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from KG-GIVEN in terms of future projects or collaborations? Are there any exciting plans or goals you have set for yourself in the music industry?

My vision is to introduce a new genre, something never heard in the South African music industry, inspired by a Canadian R&B artist, The Weeknd. It’s a genre that focuses on the emotional side of music, expressing angst, pain, and joy, turning other people’s life stories into songs – stories that people are afraid to mention in words, allowing them to express themselves. I also aim to collaborate with other Afrobeat artists to share my unique sound with other influential artists who have inspired me.

Interview With Afrobeat Artist kG-GIVEN
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