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Exploring the Vibrant Soundscape: An Exclusive Interview with JapBoy

Tropical House producer and DJ JapBoy has been making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of vibrant melodies and infectious beats. With the release of his debut album, ‘Road To Tropical Land,’ JapBoy takes us on a mesmerizing journey filled with atmospheric waves, complex piano melodies, and satisfying beat drops. In this exclusive interview, we dive into JapBoy’s creative process, his journey in the music scene, and the inspiration behind his album.

JapBoy’s debut album represents a culmination of sceneries and memories accumulated throughout his career. From the captivating title track ‘Twilight Hour’ to the whimsical ‘Acorn’s Tree’ and the explosive energy of ‘Fireworks Festival,’ the album is a celebration of life’s treasures. JapBoy’s dedicatory quality shines through in each composition, offering a joyous and vibrant experience that transports listeners to an imaginary tropical paradise. Designed to be enjoyed during the summer, ‘Road To Tropical Land’ captures the essence of carefree days and warm nights by the beach.

Reflecting on his journey as an artist, JapBoy shares how he made his mark in the Japanese club scene back in 2013. By defying conventions and bringing the energy of the club to the beach, JapBoy created a unique experience that resonated with thousands of enthusiastic dancers. His audacious approach paved the way for a career filled with experimentation and exploration. Over the years, JapBoy has released a multitude of experimental singles, collaborating with emerging artists from various genres. His boundary-pushing music has found success on Mixcloud, with chart-topping tracks in Dubstep, Mashup, EDM, Trap, Big Room, and Club genres.

During the interview, JapBoy sheds light on his creative process and the influences that shape his sound. He expresses a deep-rooted passion for pushing musical boundaries and seeking new sonic horizons. JapBoy’s distinctive style fuses elements of tropical house, EDM, and other genres, resulting in a unique and captivating sound. With a focus on atmospheric waves, intricate piano melodies, and expertly crafted beat drops, JapBoy crafts a truly immersive and infectious sonic experience.

As JapBoy’s international fan base continues to grow, he shares his excitement for future endeavors. He remains committed to his musical exploration and the pursuit of innovative sounds. JapBoy’s captivating performances and infectious energy have captivated audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as an exciting prospect in the international House scene. With ‘Road To Tropical Land’ as a testament to his talent and creativity, JapBoy’s future releases promise to be equally captivating and imaginative.

JapBoy’s debut album, ‘Road To Tropical Land,’ is a testament to his decade-long dedication to music and his relentless pursuit of innovative sounds. With its vibrant melodies and evocative compositions, the album invites listeners on a tropical journey filled with joy and exploration. As JapBoy’s musical career continues to flourish, we eagerly await his upcoming projects, knowing that he will continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique artistic vision. Get ready to embark on your own musical adventure with JapBoy and experience the vibrant sounds of ‘Road To Tropical Land.’


Congratulations on your debut album, “Road to Tropical Land.” Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the album and how it reflects your journey as a producer over the past decade?

First of all, let me say thank you very much for giving me an amazing opportunity for this interview. Actually, I decided to make this album in mid-February 2023. I had already made some tracks as demos, but I needed to remake almost all of them from the start. Finally, the final mixes were completed on May 10th, 2023, so it was quite challenging for me. I was born and grew up in Shirahama, Wakayama, Japan, which has an extremely famous beach. So, while imagining those beaches and waves, I was creating the tracks. By the way, I started my journey as a music producer in April 2021, so I’m still a beginner.

The album features atmospheric waves, complex piano melodies, and satisfying beat drops. How did you approach the creative process to capture the joyous and vibrant essence of tropical house music?

I always take care that people will never get tired of listening to my tracks, so I often add elements like pianos, guitars, leads, and FX. I also wanted to create beautiful tracks that make people naturally close their eyes while listening. But occasionally, people want to feel the energy during the drop. Perhaps my style is different from other Tropical House Music producers because I always think about creating an atmosphere that would inspire a singer to write lyrics. That’s probably my Tropical House style.

The titles of the tracks on the album, such as “Twilight Hour,” “Acorn’s Tree,” and “Fireworks Festival,” evoke a sense of exploration and the treasures that life has to offer. Can you share the significance behind these titles and how they tie into the overall theme of the album?

My hometown, Shirahama, is known for its famous fireworks festivals that take place twice a year. Many people from overseas come to watch the fireworks on the beach. While creating the track “Fireworks Festival,” I was reminiscing about those scenes. Also, while sitting at the beach, watching the sunset, I was inspired to create the melody for “Twilight Hour.” I work at an after-school day care center called “Acorn’s Tree,” and I composed the melody while thinking about my students. This album represents all the memories I’ve gathered over the past decade.

“Road to Tropical Land” is described as the perfect soundtrack for beach exploration in July. How do you hope listeners will connect with the album, and what feelings or emotions do you want to evoke through your music?

When you go to the beach, I hope you won’t hesitate to bring the album with you and listen to it while feeling the breeze on the beach. I genuinely hope that my music will evoke happiness and positive emotions in people.

Your unique blend of eccentricity and innovative approach to music has garnered attention in the industry. How do you incorporate these elements into your production style, and what sets your sound apart from other tropical house producers?

Thank you very much for the attention I’ve received in the industry. When I started my journey in music production, I joined Kygo’s monthly class and watched the films multiple times. Kygo mentioned the importance of creating original sounds in his films. So, I started thinking about what sounds define my style, and I found a particular plucked sound. Actually, I’m not familiar with other Tropical House producers, but I believe that every producer is doing their best. As for my style, it could be described as Tropical House Pop.

I understand that you made waves in the Japanese club scene by bringing the club to the beach. Can you share more about that experience and how it influenced your musical journey?

Actually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my daily work at an after-school day care center, I haven’t had the chance to DJ in any clubs in Japan. When I started DJing, I didn’t have a venue to perform, so I installed some speakers in my car and started DJing on the beach. People were surprised to see the beach turn into a night club. It allowed me to practice DJing, and eventually, some music bar owners invited me to DJ. I’m truly grateful to those bar owners.

Throughout your career, you have released experimental singles and collaborated with emerging artists. How important is collaboration to you as an artist, and how does it contribute to your growth and creative exploration?

I’m truly grateful for the opportunities to collaborate with some singers. As I’m not a well-known producer yet, I haven’t had the chance to collaborate with other singers. I always take care when it comes to the vocal part (without instrumental music). I respect the lyrics and vocals, so I don’t want to overshadow them with my sound. If you’re a vocalist and would like to collaborate, I would be very happy.

Your presence on Mixcloud charts within various genres showcases your versatility as a producer. How do you navigate different genres like Dubstep, Mashup, EDM, Trap, Big Room, and Club, and what excites you about experimenting with different styles?

I often DJ at a bar in my hometown, but I can’t play at a loud volume because there are many people living nearby (houses are very close in Japan). Since many tourists and people visit, I consider what style would be best for the audience in front of my DJ booth. Luckily, I have four-channel decks, so I’ve learned the art of Mashup DJing. Occasionally, I record my DJ mixes and upload them to Mixcloud. Of course, I would like to try many genres and styles in the future too.

As you continue to gain international recognition, what goals or aspirations do you have for your music career? Are there any specific collaborations or projects you would love to pursue in the future?

In the future, I would love to DJ overseas. Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans for collaborations with other producers or singers at the moment, but I hope to collaborate with someone who can sing on my tracks. My biggest dream is to collaborate with Kygo because he taught me how to make music through his monthly class and has been my greatest inspiration since the beginning.

What can fans expect from JapBoy in the coming months? Are there any upcoming performances, releases, or exciting projects that you would like to share with your audience?

Even though it’s within Japan, I will continue using my tracks during my DJ sets. Perhaps I’ll create new tracks in the future, so please check my social media platforms for updates. Lastly, thank you very much for reading this interview.

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