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Hodaya Releases Remix For “Me, Myself, and I”

Hodaya Releases Remix For “Me, Myself, and I” – If you loved the original version of Hodaya’s “Me, Myself, and I”, you will be taken aback by this newest remix of the track. “Me, Myself, and I” is a Pop-Edm masterpiece with remarkable R&B vocals that is further brought to life by DJ Ambrose. The song is an empowering anthem for women and a perfect club hit!.

The song “Me Myself and I” is all about a strong woman who is not afraid to deal with her past.  I wrote this song about a girl who was abused and was afraid to make her dreams come true.  At the end of the journey, she decides to fulfill herself and knows that what she needs is only herself.  God gives her the strength and power to spread her wings, she finds her power when she looks at herself in the mirror.  The song is the anthem of the “Me Too” movement because it empowers women to rise up and don’t be afraid to start again.  My best friend had to escape from her husband so this song is dedicated to her.” – Hodaya Singer


Hodaya’s new remix, featuring Ambrose, is filled with a completely fresh energy from the original. The new version maintains the emotional vocals and lyrics that make this song so personal and meaningful while upping the energy of the original.

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