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Greg Amici – New Video “Ship Strike”

Greg Amici, the multi-talented musician, writer and actor, is back with his latest video for his single “Ship Strike,”. It’s the follow-up to the previous single, “Greenwood” from his forthcoming LP Tragicomic.

The musicians featured on “Ship Strike” include Amici (lead vocals), James Mastro (guitars, keyboards, percussion), Tony Shanahan (bass), Dennis Dibrizzi (keyboards), Joe August Gentile (backing vocals), Renee LoBue (backing vocals), and Ray Ketchem (drums, percussion).

Amici says, “A friend asked me if could write a song about the plight of whales that are inadvertently shredded by cargo ships in the dark of night.  To date, I’ve avoided writing protest-type songs, because they are usually preachy and suck. I kind of broke my rule with this one. (Though, I don’t believe it sucks.) The characters (other than the whale) are hardened and perhaps a bit heartless, but also pragmatists doing a job that has to be done to keep the economy floating.” He continues, “I mainly wanted to draw attention to the issue, with the hope that currently unavailable technology will be the solution to a complex problem.”

Greg Amici - New Video "Ship Strike"

Originally, I tried to write it off of piano, as a ballad. I then came to the realization that the result would more than likely be a morose dirge, so I picked up my guitar and opted for this reggae-beated sea shanty of sorts.”
“Ship Strike” was produced by James Mastro (The Bongos, Mott the Hoople, Patti Smith, The Jayhawks) at Magic Door Recording (Montclair, NJ).

Greg Amici – New Video “Ship Strike”

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