Krantz Releases New Music Video – Louisiana

Krantz Releases New Music Video – Louisiana. Krantz’s colorful music video for his latest single “Louisiana” adds a new layer to the artist’s persona and ushers in a new era entering 2022. The music video exclusively premiered on Ghost Cult.

Colorful, evocative, and gloomy despite the Big Easy magic, “Louisiana” is about a disastrous love that took place in the heart of the state: New Orleans. The lyrics center around the desire to get as far away from this city as possible after being led astray and left to deal with the consequences of his love’s betrayal. With undeniable New Orleans touches, including masquerade masks, lush greenery, and blinding lights only remind him of the reason he wants to leave.

Krantz Releases New Music Video - Louisiana

The party atmosphere surrounds Krantz throughout the video as the lyrics paint a very different story. As “Louisiana” gains intensity and we see the girl finally walk away after scenes of quintessential devotion, these partygoers are now dressed head to toe in black and are seen carrying Krantz off to his personal “funeral.” Despite the unique nature of historic New Orleans, Krantz shows us in “Louisiana” that it takes only one bad experience to change your opinion forever.

Krantz Releases New Music Video – Louisiana
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