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Gary Mictian – Only One

Gary Mictian – Only One: UK-based music artist and producer Gary Mictian is set to release his latest EP ‘‘Vertigo’’ on Friday 26th May 2023, with ‘‘Only One’’ serving as the lead single. The upcoming release comes off the back of the success of his previous singles ‘‘I’ll Wait’’ and ‘‘Crime’’, which have earned him the attention of prominent music publications like A&R Factory and Happy Mag, as well as a combined total of over 28k streams on Spotify.

‘‘Only One’’ is a self-reflective track that explores Gary Mictian’s journey of moving past his previous struggles with self-doubt and emotional unavailability to embrace the power of honesty and love from his loved ones. This track is an embodiment of his growth as an artist and producer, showcasing his full capabilities in both areas.

As Gary Mictian himself explains, his philosophy is to ‘‘always push boundaries and capture honesty and personality.’’ He strives to create pop music that combines influences from the world of Electronic Pop, Hyperpop, and dystopian Sci-Fi cinema, putting his unique twist on mainstream music while staying true to his roots.


‘‘Only One’’ is a testament to this approach, blending an eerie melody reminiscent of ‘‘Alien’’ and ‘‘Blade Runner’’ with a catchy beat and his impressive four-octave vocal range. His well-honed production skills come through in his use of different sounds and techniques from a diverse range of sources.

The EP ‘‘Vertigo’’ promises to take listeners on a journey, with each track exploring a different aspect of Gary Mictian’s artistic vision. With inspirations drawn from the likes of The Weeknd, Charli XCX, and Charlie Puth, he is poised to become a powerhouse name in the Electronic-Pop genre.

For those looking to catch Gary Mictian in action, he has plenty of live shows lined up. Fans can keep up to date with his latest updates by following his social media accounts. With ‘‘Vertigo’’ on the horizon, there has never been a better time to discover this incredible rising talent.

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