Lisa De Angelis Releases New Single “My Sisters Blue Suitcase”

Lisa De Angelis Releases New Single “My Sisters Blue Suitcase”: Lisa De Angelis, a rising country-folk artist from Brisbane, Australia, has recently released her latest single and music video titled “My Sisters Blue Suitcase”. The song and video showcase Lisa’s signature dark Americana sound and style, which she has become well-known for.

In “My Sisters Blue Suitcase”, Lisa shares her personal struggles with coming from a broken family and dealing with anxiety and depressive disorders, which she says runs through the women on her mother’s side of the family. The song is a reflection of her fight to overcome these challenges and become a stronger, new version of herself.

Lisa’s journey in creating “My Sisters Blue Suitcase” was both cathartic and emotional. She explains that she wrote the song in one sitting while fiddling around with some guitar chords in her bedroom. She sang the opening line as a placeholder for the melody, and the entire song just flowed out of her. “It was the middle of the night when it was finished, and I just put my head in my hands and cried,” she says.

The collaborative process of creating the song with her partner Paul Bain, who is the drummer for Travis Collins and Kristy Lee Akers, made the experience even more special. Lisa wrote the song, while Paul played drums, engineered, mixed and co-produced the song with her. “The result is exactly what we’d hoped for. Cinematic, sweeping Dark Americana and Southern Gothic music with banjo and horns,” Lisa explains.

Lisa’s music career has seen her tour with and open shows for some of Australia’s best, including Steve Kilbey of The Church, Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson, blues guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, and Golder Guitar winner Catherine Britt. She has also been the opening act and backing vocalist for ARIA Award nominee Amber Lawrence. Lisa has been mentored by ARIA Award-winner Fanny Lumsden, who she was paired with after being selected for the Australian Independent Record Label Association’s ‘Women In Music Mentorship Program’.

Through her music, Lisa hopes to inspire and help others who may be going through similar struggles. “My Sister’s Blue Suitcase” helped her to heal, and she hopes it can do the same for others. Lisa’s smoky vocals and vulnerable side shine through in her music, making her one of Australia’s most captivating dark Americana artists.

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