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Exclusive Interview With Misha Fair

Exclusive Interview With Misha Fair: Multi-talented fast-rising American songstress and songwriter Misha Fair has been making a bold impression with her classic country vocals and expressive lyrics. Those who have been fortunate enough to see her dynamic performances are in high expectations of her upcoming solo releases.

Misha Fair attended college on a vocal performance scholarship. Minoring in linguistic studies, she may be one of the few country artists able to sing and write in multiple romance languages. 

She was trained from a young age as a classical vocalist but found her passion in jazz, hip hop, and the gritty alternative sound of the mid-’90s. She performed in countless marquee and children’s choirs in her hometown. Unbeknownst to her, there was a wave of hip-hop and RnB sweeping Atlanta, and the young Misha Fair found her tribe along the confluence of the shared and varied traditions that make up the musical ethos of the United States.

A product of a musical family, the singer-songwriter’s family has had major label success from RCA to Atlantic Records. As a result, she spent most of her early childhood development in the same studios as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the SOS Band, Isaac Hayes, and many other music legends. 

Misha Fair will be releasing a piece of brand-new music at the beginning of March. With her first country genre offering ‘Memphis’ dropping on March 4, 2023. We caught up with her in an exclusive interview and she fielded questions from us regarding her musical career and her personality in general. Check out the interview below.

What makes Misha Fair different from other music singers?

Misha: I’ve worked with many types of music as an artist and artist developer… classical, jazz, rock, country, and more. This varied experience has afforded me a lot of command and control of my voice. I’m a student of music in general and try not to confine myself to one genre that I listen to. So as a singer/songwriter, I have a lot of space to pull from creatively that contributes to my overall sonics and lyrical choices.

What would you say are some of those remarkable things that have happened to you since your musical career started?

Misha: I’ve gotten to meet and work with some incredibly talented people both in the states and abroad.
But I think the most remarkable things have come in modest packages. For example, there have been times that I’ve had parents ask me to sing happy birthday to their kids, as a mom I think that’s the coolest thing.

Your music journey started from a very early stage. What made you decide to become a musician?

Misha: I think I always knew I would do music. My parents and brother are musicians, my grandparents taught music, & both of my grandfathers were artists & songwriters/composers. I believe it is in my DNA so that even when I try to do other things, music always would work its way back to the forefront. The pivotal moment was about age 16 or 17 when I asked my dad why he decided to do music. He said, “ if I love it, do it for free…but be so good you never have to.” I took that to heart and began working and training with more intention from that point.

Which artiste do you dream of collaborating with in your next music project if given the opportunity and why?

Misha: I really love Chris Stapleton as an artist. I believe he has the most wonderful blend of country, bluegrass, rock, and soul. When he sings, it just sounds so free and as a girl from the south with similar musical influences, hearing it all blended up makes me feel seen. Writing and performing with him would be a dream come true. I also really love Elle King…she’s so gritty and witty! I think it would be incredible to work with her.

Who were your biggest musical influences?

Misha: Dolly Parton, Leann Rimes, Linda Perry, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Chris Stapleton… I studied opera singer Maria Callas for a long time growing up. But simultaneously listened to Hank Williams, Sid Vicious, Sonic Youth, Alice Cooper, Whitney Houston, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

What societal issue (s) do you seek to address with you your music going forward?

Misha: I’m pretty passionate about mental health awareness, particularly among artists. Many times it’s overlooked until it is too late, plus many musicians are self-employed and without health insurance. But as an artist developer I firmly believe that without personal development, artist development is a wash. While creating generally can be very cathartic, I support therapy and therapeutic efforts for people in and outside of the arts.

What has it been like for you navigating the music industry and trying to reach new audiences in the United States and beyond?

Misha: I think it helped that I had some understanding of the music industry and other than a few growing pains, things have worked out pretty well so far. People have been receptive to my sound and kind to me as I reintroduce me as a new country artist in the states. On my last trips abroad, I performed many of my more “alternative” records and they were received pretty well, so I look forward to the new music coming out.

Apart from making music, you are also a vocal trainer and artist developer. How do you balance all these with other obligations?

Misha: Great question! Some of my day-to-day muscle memory is simply following my calendar. I love a good list to keep me on track too. My manager helps with time management and staying on top of things, so she really keeps me moving forward. I also have a ton of understanding and support from my family, which is great because when my mom and dad were touring they did similar things. Each person typically has a helpful word or two of encouragement to keep me afloat.

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