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Exclusive Interview With Wallety Dr

Fast rising Cape town based singer and songwriter Wallety Dr has released a new genre-bending and afropop-infused single dubbed ‘I’m in Love‘.Having written music his whole life, Wallety Dr teamed up with seasoned producer HOME LIFE for the production of this single

I’m in Love’ opens with the stylish vocals of Wallety Dr as we see engaging rhythmic patterns and rapid-fire expressive horn lines on this blissful song. Wallety Dr, reveals a magnum opus love tune with hints of exploration through bold basslines, sharp beats and bright lines to have listeners replaying every time. 

Reflecting Wallety Dr’s natural affinity for storytelling, ‘’I’m in love’ represents love.We caught up with Wallety Dr, to find out more in an exclusive interview as the singer shared some interesting things worthy of note about his music journey and his latest single.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “I’m in love” afterwards.


What’s up Wallety Dr, tell us a bit about yourself and your musical journey.

I started loving music at a very young age., I still remember in the year 2003 when I was in grade 1 my uncle bought a radio and a bag full of cassettes I was very glad so I started listening to music full-time whenever I’m not in school and ended up knowing all the records we used to listen, I also used to sing along whenever music used to play the feeling of making music grow in me since then and started digging deep on local artists music as I was growing up even though I had no clear vision of me to make my own music.

But years later (the year 2013 )as I was busy with my O’level studies, just after a breakout of so many local and international artists I felt more like I could make it too so I started writing my own lyrics in so much several pages that I couldn’t focus on my studies any more and I almost quieted my high school because the music was taking over in me entirely.

After high school, my only wish was to record just one song to call my own but it seemed so impossible due to the environment & the poor society I came from Thank GOD I never gave up though, so when I moved to Cape Town in the year 2015 the good Lord made me friends with a kid  with a dream like mine, he is a Zambian and with him, we travelled to many different places for studios but there were so expensive that I couldn’t afford but he could so record a few songs before we opened our own studio as beginners in the year 2016 that’s when I recorded my
own first song it was an amazing moment for me.

Growing up as a child in Zimbabwe, how would you describe the effect that your environment had on your personality today as an artiste?

Growing up as a child we used to work so many jobs apart from school we did agriculture a lot because where I come from they specialise in farming, so it made me believe in hard work because it was always nice to see the good results when we are done harvesting. I also grew up in church every Sunday we used to listen to a pastor preaches I was thought to live life by good people, and I believe it’s still humbling me today.

Church plays a big role in my life, and I learnt to stay positive and confident, how to love even my enemies. The knowledge I got from my mom by taking me to church at a young age is still the major reason why I’m always working for a better tomorrow. I wanna teach like I was taught.I just wanna do good and motivate as long I’m alive

Explain the concept behind your song ‘I’m in Love: how did it come about?

The love, I have for music and my love of afrobeat it made easy for me to come up with the song lyrics  The song was made in less than 40 minutes including the beat I guess it was a combination of talent between me and my producer as well as the experience because we had been in the studio for like to year with no days off before this song was made Making music became easier for us just like eating food because we lived our life in the studio for 3-4years from 2016 to 2019

Tell us about your musical influences.

My music is so much influenced by the iconic Psquare from Nigeria west Africa.Up to this day I still look up to them and every day I learn … Their musical journey is my motivation and inspiration because watched and read about how they started to where there are today which always make me feel like I’m the next version of them P – square, Wizkid and Ice Prince have been my favourite since I was in school.

What was it like growing up as a musician in Zimbabwe before moving to Cape Town?

Growing up in Zimbabwe as a musician at some point made me the saddest person on earth because even though I had a dream, I had no idea how exactly I was gonna pull it to where I’m today.It was a very challenging thing.Sometimes I felt like a cow mixed with sheep because I was surrounded by so much different energy, people who don’t understand my vision
saw me crazy.

There were so many people with no hope I grew up in a rural area sometimes I wonder how I made it here …even though I’m not successful yet I really appreciate the level I’m right now the reason it’s not easy where I come fromI wish one day I go back there as a great person.

If you aren’t in the studio recording where else can you be found in your leisure time?

My only leisure time is when I’m alone in my room working on myself, and focusing on what matters to me.  I really don’t find happiness from the outside, especially this big dream of mine that requires much time and effort. I love being lonely and thinking that my happines.If I find my leisure rather than be outside making a music videos.

Which artist would you most likely collaborate with if given the opportunity?

I pray to God that I make it one soon I will feature Rudy Boy or Davido the two are my dream collabo in Africa

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