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Exclusive Interview With Otee

Nigerians have always taken a center stage whenever music in Africa is discussed with the best of these artistes making Africa proud emanating from Nigeria and Ghana respectively.OTEE is not an exception as the youngster who is currently in his prime is gearing up to be amongst the artistes to be reckoned with in no distant time. On today’s episode of our interview the young promising artiste OTee lead us through his journey into the music industry with explicit details about his music career shared.

However, the music wonderkid recently released his new Mickenzy produced Afrobeats single ‘No Time’.The newly released single ‘No Time’ came with a central message that revolves around the idea that everyone seems to have ‘No Time’ to follow their dreams or achieve a goal they set for themselves.

The multi-talented OTEE, who started writing music at a tender age is an artiste that you all need to watch for as he has loads of music project that he will be releasing for your listening pleasure in due time. Check out the interview below.


You go by the name Raymond Onwukwe Okereke, which clearly shows that you are from Eastern part of Nigeria. As an artist from the Eastern Nigeria, can you properly express yourself in your native language ‘IGBO’?

Yes I can express myself in my native tongue.

You are influenced by the likes of Davido, 2Pac, Tyga, Wizkid, and Eminem. How have these artists influenced the kind of music that you make and which amongst them would you like to collaborate with it given the opportunity?

Each artist who influenced me impacted my sound and mindset in music, the process of composing a song, my confidence in performing and recording, and fashion style. I would love to work with Wizkid as I have always been a huge fan of him growing up. He has also influenced me a lot.

You started writing music at a tender age of 12, with your first recording session taking place in the year 2016.How have you evolved from the kind of music that you make then and now?

Well, I first started writing songs for fun like parodies, and I wasn’t really serious then but as I grew up, I saw myself falling in love with music, getting more serious in composing based on my feelings, thoughts and observations. I feel I have really improved In so many areas now than when I first started.

You recently released your new Afrobeats single ‘No Time’. How long did it take you to record this song and what inspired the song?

It only took about 3 hours to record and finish the song. I had to use an hour to discover how I wanted the delivery to be. Well, the main inspiration behind the song is the idea that there is no time to waste when chasing your dreams and goals, and that time doesn’t wait for anyone.

You performed as a special guest in the Humour above the Law – New Comedy Lounge Series. How was the experience like performing as a guest?

It was amazing, I had a lot of fun performing and interacting with the crowd.

Your previous singles have received great support on several stations including Afro Music Pop and New World TV. What are some of the areas that you might be needing support in as an artist?

As an upcoming artist there’s a lot of support I need to get my music out there.

You studied Music Production and Technology at the prestigious Canterbury Christ Church University. How has the knowledge that you gained in your University days impacted your music career?

The knowledge I have gained so far from uni has impacted my sound in so many areas, having more knowledge on production really helps me to identify my key areas of improvements in my craft.

What’s the biggest misconception that people have about you?

A lot of people don’t really see me as an African. Even when I tell them, they always get shocked, especially when I speak my native dialect or use pidgin English. Am normally seen as an American or Arab which am not.

Do you think that your single ‘No time’ is getting the desired attention that it deserves at the moment?

As my second best single, I feel with the right marketing strategy, it would gain more attention.

How have you been coping in recent times ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 and how have this global pandemic affected your lifestyle and your career?

Due to the pandemic I am unable to perform live. A lot of performances which were planned are gone, it has also affected my way of life as I try not to leave the house if the reason isn’t urgent, and I’ve had to cope with being indoors a lot.

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